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Found 2,054 results

  1. Gun Digest 2017 (71st Edition) edited by Jerry Lee English | August 12, 2016 | ISBN: 1440246580 | PDF | 557 pages | 64.3 MB Generations of firearms enthusiasts have used Gun Digest as the number one source for information on guns old and new for hunting, target shooting, collecting and personal defense. Whatever your interest is in relation to firearms, you'll find it in these pages. Informative and entertaining articles by the top writers in the field cover the latest rifles, handguns, shotguns and related gear. In this edition there are stories on classic Colts, Winchesters, Lugers, Mausers, Remingtons, Marlins and Springfields. New models are featured from Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Savage, and there is up-to-date information on the growing popularity of suppressors, opinions on survival guns, how to really test your marksmanship, and shooting lessons from some of the world's top shotgunners. All this plus our 160-page catalog and buyer's guide to all of today's guns, updated ballistics tables, and a web directory to the firearms industry. Gun Digest is the most comprehensive collection of firearms information in print today! IT'S ALL HERE! Rifles, Handguns & Shotguns Catalog & Buyer's Guide Ballistics Tables Ammo and Optics Gallery of Fine Custom Guns Industry Web Directory
  2. Photo Studio PRO v2.0.10.4 [Paid] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: Photo Studio is a powerful multifunctional photo editing application for photographers of any level. It contains the vast editing kit of tools for basic and advanced retouching of your photos. Make each your shot a perfect complete art-work using a wide range of effects, filters, text editing and color enhancement tools and a lot of other ready-to-use features. Main features: 1. More than 200 unique filters, amazing special effects, a big collection of picture-in-picture effects, rich set of various frames for any event of your life, huge amount of stickers, textures, shapes and correction tools – lighting tune, color correction, sharpening, lens boost, tilt shift, blur and more. 2. Collage editor allows to combine several photos into amazingly looking photo collages with a wide variety of adjustable frames, shapes, customizable backgrounds, templates and stickers. 3. Magic tools comprising the following outstanding features: Blend feature for combining of two images together using a big collection of masks, backgrounds and blend modes; Color Splash is aimed to highlight objects on a photo; Clone stamp is intended to copy objects, change or erase a background; Shapes editor helps to combine photos with multiple variations of shapes, textures and backgrounds. 4. Impressive text editing tool is designed for creation of nice-looking messages on your photos with rich collection of customizable fonts, color, textures and shapes. 5. About 50 additional content packages expanding the photo editing process with new effects, frames, textures, fonts and templates. Our team's constantly working hard to implement new stunning features to gain the #1 photo editor title. WHAT'S NEW - New PIP Effects pack with amazing effects - Fill the text with different colors. - You can cut any part of photo with Cut tool. - Levels tool support. This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions:
  3. Assorted Magazines - January 12, 2018 (True PDF) 42 Issues | True PDF | English | 342 MB Total List of magazines: AppleMagazine - January 12, 2018 Beckett Baseball - February 2018 USA Beckett Football - February 2018 USA Bon Appetit - February 2018 USA COINage - February 2018 USA Computer Shopper - March 2018 UK Custom PC - March 2018 UK Digital Camera World - February 2018 UK Digital Photographer 196 - 2018 UK Dish - March 2018 NZ Everyday Practical Electronics - February 2018 UK Fishing World - February 2018 AU Future Music 327 - 2018 UK Guitarist - February 2018 UK Gun World - February 2018 USA High Times - March 2018 USA HWM - January 2018 PH Linux User & Developer - January 2018 UK Mac Life - February 2018 UK Maximum PC - February 2018 USA Maximum PC - PC How-To Guide 2017 Mountain Bike Rider - February 2018 UK Official Xbox Magazine - February 2018 USA Outdoor Magazine - February 2018 AU PC Gamer - February 2018 UK - January 2018 MY PC Pro - March 2018 UK Photography Week - January 11, 2018 Pro Wrestling Illustrated - April 2018 USA Real Crime 33 - 2018 UK RiDE - March 2018 UK Science Illustrated 56 - 2018 AU Sports Illustrated - January 15, 2018 USA Star Trek Magazine - February 2018 UK Sunset - February 2018 USA Tech Advisor - March 2018 UK The Economist - January 13, 2018 Trout & Salmon - February 2018 UK Wallpaper* - February 2018 UK Web Designer 270 - 2018 UK WebUser - January 10, 2018 UK Xbox The Official Magazine - February 2018 UK
  4. Magazines - Weapons and Shooting 2017-12 36 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.24 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2017-12.pdf (33.0 MB) Airgun World 2017-12.pdf (43.9 MB) Airsoft Action - Xmas 2017.pdf (48.4 MB) Airsoft Action 2017-12.pdf (33.9 MB) Airsoft International 2017-12.pdf (33.7 MB) American Shooting Journal 2017-12.pdf (40.1 MB) Armes de chasse 67 2017-12.pdf (27.9 MB) Armes de chasse 68 2017-12.pdf (22.2 MB) Armi e Tiro 2017-12.pdf (50.5 MB) Armi Magazine 2017-12.pdf (128.5 MB) Armi Shop 2017-12.pdf (73.6 MB) Coltelli 85 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (59.9 MB) Concealed Carry Handguns 2017-12.pdf (29.4 MB) DWJ 2017-12.pdf (39.1 MB) Firearms News 29 2017-12.pdf (27.6 MB) Gun Digest 2017-12.pdf (29.2 MB) Gun World 2017-12.pdf (89.0 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-12.pdf (33.4 MB) Gunslinger Winter 2017.pdf (38.7 MB) Handguns 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (21.0 MB) Handloader 311 2017-12.pdf (16.6 MB) Knives Illustrated 2017-12.pdf (35.5 MB) Man Magnum 2017-12.pdf (18.0 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-12.pdf (98.4 MB) Shooting Gazette 2017-12.pdf (22.0 MB) Shooting Industry 2017-12.pdf (216.7 MB) Shooting Times 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (19.8 MB) SHOT Business 2017-12.pdf (14.1 MB) Sporting Gun 2017-12.pdf (42.4 MB) Strelecka revue 2017-4.pdf (20.4 MB) Tactical World Winter 2017.pdf (27.9 MB) The Black Powder Cartridge News 2017-12.pdf (45.2 MB) The Single Shot Exchange 2017-12.pdf (18.7 MB) Visier 2017-12.pdf (28.0 MB) Калашников 2017-12.pdf (32.1 MB) Оружие 2017-13.pdf (12.7 MB)
  5. Aviation Magazines 2017-12 48 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.22 GB List of magazines: Aero International 2017-12.pdf (36.9 MB) Aero Journal 062 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (57.7 MB) Aerokurier 2017-12.pdf (31.2 MB) Aeroplane 2017-12.pdf (40.4 MB) African Pilot 2017-12.pdf (24.0 MB) Air & Cosmos 2572 2017-12-1.pdf (24.9 MB) Air & Cosmos 2573 2017-12-8.pdf (103.6 MB) Air & Cosmos 2574 2017-12-15.pdf (17.0 MB) Air & Cosmos 2575 2017-12-22.pdf (35.9 MB) AIR International 2017-12.pdf (20.4 MB) Air-Britain News 2017-12.pdf (4.8 MB) AirForces Monthly 2017-12.pdf (26.4 MB) Airliner World 2017-12.pdf (24.6 MB) Aranysas 2017-12.pdf (8.7 MB) Australian Aviation 2017-12.pdf (16.9 MB) AvBuyer Magazine 2017-12.pdf (27.8 MB) Aviation Business 2017-12.pdf (11.6 MB) Aviation et Pilote 2017-12.pdf (22.4 MB) Aviation News 2017-12.pdf (20.5 MB) Aviation Update 2017-12.pdf (4.1 MB) Aviator 2017-12.pdf (27.4 MB) Avion Revue España 2017-12.pdf (16.0 MB) Avion Revue Latin America 214 2017-12.pdf (15.4 MB) Combat Aircraft Monthly 2017-12.pdf (27.3 MB) Fliegermagazin 2017-12.pdf (71.9 MB) Flight International 2017-12-12-2018-01-1.pdf (16.4 MB) Flight International 2017-12-5-11.pdf (12.3 MB) Flight Journal 2017-12.pdf (22.2 MB) Flugrevue 2017-12.pdf (32.4 MB) Flugzeug Classic 2017-12.pdf (27.5 MB) Flyer UK 2017-12.pdf (26.0 MB) Flying 2017-12.pdf (18.6 MB) FlyPast 2017-12.pdf (58.0 MB) Global Aviator South Africa 2017-12.pdf (20.2 MB) In Flight USA 2017-12.pdf (57.5 MB) JP4 2017-12.pdf (35.5 MB) Le Fana de L'Aviation 2017-12.pdf (13.1 MB) Pilot 2017-12.pdf (51.0 MB) Plane & Pilot 2017-12.pdf (13.2 MB) Revista Aeronautica y Astronautica 869 2017-12.pdf (21.7 MB) Scramble Magazine 463 2017-12.pdf (39.4 MB) 2017-11.pdf (31.7 MB) 2017-12.pdf (24.2 MB) SP's Aviation 2017-12.pdf (6.1 MB) Spaceport Magazine 2017-12.pdf (4.5 MB) Sport Pilot 2017-12.pdf (79.3 MB) VFR Aviation 2017-12.pdf (167.7 MB) Wingsworld 2017-12.pdf (10.9 MB)
  6. Music and Audio Magazines 2017 XII 98 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 3.13 GB List of magazines: Acoustic UK 2017-12.pdf (33.0 MB) audioXpress 2017-12.pdf (28.6 MB) Australian Guitar 125 2017-12.pdf (29.4 MB) Bass Guitar 2017-12.pdf (31.1 MB) Bass Player 2017-12.pdf (27.0 MB) Bass Player Holiday 2017.pdf (21.5 MB) BBC Music Magazine 2017-12.pdf (31.2 MB) Billboard 2017-12-16.pdf (31.1 MB) Billboard 2017-12-23.pdf (20.9 MB) Billboard 2017-12-30.pdf (43.0 MB) Billboard 2017-12-9.pdf (49.6 MB) Biographies - Elvis Nr 29 2017.pdf (48.5 MB) Classic Pop 2017-12.pdf (42.2 MB) Classica 198 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (113.3 MB) Classical Music 2017-12.pdf (22.5 MB) Computer Music 2017-12.pdf (28.5 MB) Country Music 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (45.6 MB) Diapason 2017-12.pdf (103.9 MB) Distorted Sound Issue 31 2017.pdf (121.7 MB) Electronic Musician 2017-12.pdf (17.0 MB) Electronic Sound Issue 35 2017-12.pdf (21.1 MB) Electronic Sound Issue 36 2017-12.pdf (17.3 MB) Fiddler - Winter 2017-18.pdf (13.8 MB) Future Music 2017-12.pdf (39.9 MB) Gramophone Magazine 2017-12.pdf (40.2 MB) Guitar Aficionado 2017-12.pdf (38.0 MB) Guitar Connoisseur 2017-12.pdf (67.6 MB) Guitar Fair 2017-12.pdf (7.7 MB) Guitar Interactive 53 2017.pdf (29.5 MB) Guitar Player 2017-12.pdf (96.9 MB) Guitar Player Holiday 2017.pdf (69.0 MB) Guitar Techniques 2017-12.pdf (23.8 MB) Guitar World 2017-12.pdf (38.0 MB) Guitarist 2017-12.pdf (51.5 MB) Hi-Fi Choice 2017-12.pdf (21.0 MB) Hi-Fi News 2017-12.pdf (42.5 MB) Hi-Fi News Yearbook 2017.pdf (30.1 MB) HiFi 154 2017-12.pdf (28.1 MB) HiFi Choice Yearbook 2017.pdf (24.6 MB) Hifi Stars 2017-12-2018-02.pdf (27.9 MB) JazzTimes 2017-12.pdf (12.5 MB) Kerrang! 2017-12-02.pdf (32.4 MB) Kerrang! 2017-12-09.pdf (33.8 MB) Kerrang! 2017-12-16.pdf (35.2 MB) Kerrang! 2017-12-23.pdf (40.7 MB) Klang und Ton 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (13.0 MB) Limelight 2017-12.pdf (27.0 MB) Living Blues 2017-12.pdf (29.0 MB) LP Germany 2012-12-2018-01.pdf (28.2 MB) Metal Hammer Germany 2017-12.pdf (82.5 MB) Metal Hammer Spanish 361 2017-12.pdf (43.6 MB) Metal Hammer UK 2017-12.pdf (38.3 MB) Mojo 2017-12.pdf (52.8 MB) Music Connection 2017-12.pdf (30.0 MB) Music Teacher 2017-12.pdf (17.4 MB) MusicTech 2017-12.pdf (32.0 MB) Musikexpress 2017-12.pdf (95.3 MB) Musikwoche No.50 2017-12-11.pdf (10.3 MB) Necromance 2017-12.pdf (22.0 MB) NME 2017-12-1.pdf (11.6 MB) NME 2017-12-15.pdf (9.2 MB) NME 2017-12-8.pdf (11.2 MB) Opera Now 2017-12.pdf (27.3 MB) Organists Review 2017-12.pdf (52.5 MB) Ox Fanzine No. 06 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (50.5 MB) Pianist 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (24.3 MB) Premier Guitar 2017-12.pdf (189.2 MB) Professional Lighting & Production Winter 2017-2018.pdf (41.9 MB) Professional Sound 2017-12.pdf (94.9 MB) Q Magazine 2017-12.pdf (47.4 MB) RCKSTR Magazine 2017-11.pdf (75.2 MB) Rhythm 2017-12.pdf (32.7 MB) Rock & Folk 2017-12.pdf (16.0 MB) Rock Sound 2017-12.pdf (71.1 MB) Rockdelux 2017-12.pdf (23.0 MB) RockZone 2017-11.pdf (72.0 MB) Rolling Stone Australia 793 2017-12.pdf (22.4 MB) Rolling Stone France 2017-12.pdf (44.7 MB) Rolling Stone Germany 2017-12.pdf (26.5 MB) Rolling Stone Italian 2017-12.pdf (31.2 MB) Rolling Stone México 2017-12.pdf (27.4 MB) Rolling Stone USA 2017-12-14.pdf (14.2 MB) Shindig! 74 2017.pdf (20.9 MB) Sound & Recording 2017-12.pdf (22.7 MB) Star Inside 41 2017-12-2018-02.pdf (46.8 MB) Stereo 2017-12.pdf (33.2 MB) Stereophile 2017-12.pdf (27.1 MB) Stereoplay 2017-12.pdf (115.3 MB) The Guitar Magazine 2017-12.pdf (35.1 MB) The Strad 2017-12.pdf (25.7 MB) Total Guitar 2017-12.pdf (28.6 MB) TPi Magazine 2017-12.pdf (41.9 MB) Uncut UK 2017-12.pdf (45.1 MB) Vintage Rock - Jonny Cash 2017.pdf (39.7 MB) Vinyl 05 - 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (29.9 MB) What Hi-Fi 162 2017-12.pdf (39.5 MB) What Hi-Fi UK - Awards 2017.pdf (66.3 MB) World Of Metal 2017-12.pdf (40.9 MB)
  7. Railways Magazines 2017-12 25 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 784 MB List of magazines: Australian Railway History 2017-12.pdf (15.5 MB) Classic Trains 2017-Winter.pdf (53.1 MB) Eisenbahn Journal 2017-12.pdf (40.5 MB) Eisenbahn Magazin 2017-12.pdf (56.8 MB) Eisnbahn Rmantk 4 2017.pdf (26.9 MB) Heritage Railway 235 2017-11-17-12-14.pdf (61.2 MB) Heritage Railway 236 2017-12-15-2018-01-11.pdf (55.9 MB) Lok Magazin 2017-12.pdf (54.3 MB) Modern Locomotives Illustrated 228 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (23.2 MB) Modern Railways 2017-12.pdf (35.9 MB) Rail 2017-12-20-2018-01-2.pdf (24.1 MB) Rail 2017-12-6-19.pdf (24.1 MB) Rail Engineer 2017-12.pdf (23.0 MB) Rail Express 2017-12.pdf (58.0 MB) Rail Professional 2017-12.pdf (37.6 MB) RailStaff 2017-12.pdf (9.1 MB) Railway Age 2017-12.pdf (11.4 MB) Railway Digest 2017-12.pdf (23.4 MB) Railways Illustrated 2017-12.pdf (31.8 MB) Steam Days 2017-12.pdf (16.0 MB) Steam Railway 474 2017-12-1-2018-01-4.pdf (52.9 MB) Strassenbahn Magazin 2017-12.pdf (60.6 MB) The Railway Magazine 2017-12.pdf (29.4 MB) Trains 2017-12.pdf (21.1 MB) Züge 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (50.0 MB)
  8. Modelling Magazines 2017-12 73 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 2.03 GB List of magazines: Aeromodeller 2017-12.pdf (21.0 MB) AIR Modeller 75 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (13.6 MB) Airfix Model World 85 2017-12.pdf (43.9 MB) Airfix Model World Free 2017.pdf (44.4 MB) Australian Model Railway Magazine 2017-12.pdf (29.9 MB) Auto Modélisme Hors-Série N.5 2017.pdf (123.5 MB) British Railway Modelling 2017-12.pdf (55.0 MB) Caramini 2017-12.pdf (106.0 MB) Cars & Details 2017-12.pdf (39.6 MB) Classic Toy Trains 2017-12.pdf (40.5 MB) Classic Truck Modeler 2017-12.pdf (25.5 MB) Der MassStab 2017-12.pdf (19.0 MB) Diecast Collector 2017-12.pdf (24.2 MB) Eisenbahn Journal 2017-12.pdf (40.5 MB) Eisenbahn Magazin 2017-12.pdf (56.8 MB) Elegante Loks Schnelle Züge 2017.pdf (47.1 MB) Engineering In Miniature 2017-12.pdf (12.6 MB) FineScale Modeler 2017-12.pdf (16.5 MB) Flugmodell 2017-12.pdf (40.7 MB) Flying Scale Models 217 2017-12.pdf (24.6 MB) FMT Flugmodell und Technik 2017-12.pdf (153.7 MB) FMT Flugmodell und Technik Extra Nr.12 2017 - RC-Hangflug.pdf (24.7 MB) Garden Rail 2017-12.pdf (12.0 MB) Garden Railways 2017-12.pdf (40.2 MB) Gartenbahnen Nr 4 2017.pdf (41.6 MB) Hornby Magazine 2017-12.pdf (72.9 MB) Info Eduard 2017-12.pdf (82.1 MB) Loco-Revue 845 2017-12.pdf (32.5 MB) MIBA 2017-12.pdf (22.2 MB) MIBA Modellbahn Praxis N0.2 2017.pdf (13.6 MB) Military Illustrated Modeller 080 2017-12.pdf (26.7 MB) Military Modelcraft International 2017-12.pdf (38.4 MB) Military Modelling Vol.47 No.13 2017-12.pdf (17.2 MB) Model Aircraft 2017-12.pdf (46.5 MB) Model Airplane International 149 2017-12.pdf (22.5 MB) Model Airplane News 2017-12.pdf (25.0 MB) Model Boats Winter 2017.pdf (15.9 MB) Model Collector - Xmas 2017.pdf (15.5 MB) Model Collector 2017-12.pdf (15.4 MB) Model Engineer 4575 2017-12-8-21.pdf (16.8 MB) Model Engineer 4576 2017-12-22-2018-01-5.pdf (13.5 MB) Model Engineers Workshop 2017-12.pdf (15.3 MB) Model Military International 140 2017-12.pdf (27.8 MB) Model Rail 2017-12.pdf (73.3 MB) Model Railroader 2017-12.pdf (28.4 MB) Model Time 257 2017-12.pdf (25.1 MB) ModelBoats 2017-12.pdf (14.8 MB) Modele Magazine 2017-12.pdf (70.0 MB) Modell Aviator 2017-12.pdf (36.3 MB) ModellEisenBahner 2017-12.pdf (31.3 MB) ModellEisenBahner Spezial 23 2017.pdf (19.4 MB) ModellFan 2017-12.pdf (39.9 MB) Modellistica International 2017-12.pdf (25.4 MB) ModellWerft 2017-12.pdf (12.3 MB) O Gauge Railroading 2017-12.pdf (101.1 MB) Radio Control Car Action 2017-12.pdf (37.2 MB) Radio Control DroneZone 2017-12.pdf (24.8 MB) Radio Control Jet International 2017-12.pdf (24.0 MB) Railway Magazine - Guide to Modelling 2017-12.pdf (33.0 MB) RC-Heli-Action 2017-12.pdf (19.3 MB) RCM&E 2017-12.pdf (19.1 MB) Scale Aircraft Modelling 2017-12.pdf (29.6 MB) Scale Auto 2017-12.pdf (52.9 MB) Scale Aviation Modeller International 2017-12.pdf (64.4 MB) Scale Military Modeller International 2017-12.pdf (66.1 MB) SchiffsModell 2017-12.pdf (22.8 MB) Sky Model 98 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (18.4 MB) Soldatini International 127 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (24.5 MB) Steel Art 168 2017-12.pdf (24.7 MB) Tamiya Model Magazine International 266 2017-12.pdf (25.6 MB) Toy Soldier & Model Figure 229 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (31.1 MB) Trucks & Details 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (57.3 MB) М-Хобби 2017-12 (198).pdf (14.5 MB)
  9. Lynda - Painter 2017 Essential Training Size: 852 MB | Duration: 3h 44m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English Join digital painting pioneer John Derry as he teaches basic and advanced creative techniques in Corel Painter 2017 that can get beginners up and running. Paint with the new Glazing Brushes, Dab Stencils, and Texture brushes. Familiarize yourself with new workflow enhancement features like Artist Layouts and Palette Drawers, and then dive into the essentials. Learn how to use tools like custom palettes, layouts, and color management to curate your work environment. Review the color palette and how to mix colors for any kind of digital artwork, while identifying safety nets you can put in place for working in a digital world. To help illustrate the concepts introduced in this video, John shows how to create a collage. In addition, he stresses the importance of the humble pencil, and shows how Painter 2017 takes traditional drawing to the next level. Topics include: * Working with a pen tablet * Installing custom content * Navigating the Painter interface * Customizing your work environment * Working with the temporal color palette * Identifying safety nets * Resetting brush properties * Troubleshooting when a brush won't paint * Drawing with Painter * Working with bristle, special, and hard media
  10. Adobe Prelude CC 2018 180112 Adobe Prelude CC 2018 | 1.10 GB Rapidly tag and transcode video footage and quickly create a rough cut with Prelude CC - a video logging and ingest tool designed for intuitive, efficient media organization and metadata entry. Prelude translates effortlessly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, ensuring fluid communication and organization throughout the video production process. Organize your media and create a rough assembly with Prelude. Learn how to use the Prelude media organizer tool to make sure your Premiere Pro project is organized from the start. Organize clips, subclips, and sequences. Learn about the clip naming and metadata features of Prelude and how easy it is to create subclips, build a rough-cut assembly, and send your assembly to Premiere Pro as a sequence for immediate editing. Add comments to your media files. Annotate media files with notes for the editor or director to consult during editing in Premiere Pro. What's New in Prelude CC 2018: - Easier collaboration with Adobe Team Projects (Beta) - Voiceover - Rough cut transitions - Keyboard shortcuts for tagging - Refined user interface with HiDPI support - Multiple audio track support - In and Out point support - File rewrap on ingest - Matching tag colors - Cinema playback mode - Hover scrub thumbnails - File renaming on ingest - Ability to define needed info on ingested clips - Adobe Story integration to turn scripts into metadata - Team collaboration with Adobe Anywhere - File ingest directly into selected bins - Sony XMPilot metadata support - Rough cut export - Fully searchable metadata - Full and partial ingest - Transcoding to many formats upon ingest - Heads up logging - Integration into virtually any workflow - Rough cut creation - Thumbnail scrubbing in ingest dialog - Customizable markers - Customizable metadata import - Customizable extensibility Home Page: Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  11. Assorted Magazines - January 9, 2018 (True PDF) 21 Issues | True PDF | English | 172 MB Total List of magazines: 3D Artist 115 - 2018 UK BBC The Doctor Who Yearbook - 2018 UK Combat Aircraft - February 2018 UK Cosmopolitan - February 2018 USA Digital SLR Photography - February 2018 UK duPont Registry - February 2018 USA Esquire - Winter 2018 USA Fortean Times - January 2018 UK iCreate 181 - 2018 UK iD (Ideas & Discoveries) - March 2018 USA Maxim - February 2018 USA Men's Fitness - February 2018 AU Men's Health - February 2018 AU PhotoPlus - February 2018 UK Prevention - March 2018 AU SFX - February 2018 UK Stuff - February 2018 UK TECH - February 2018 ZA Truck Trend - March 2018 USA Windows Help & Advice - February 2018 UK Women's Health - February 2018 AU
  12. Assorted Magazines - January 3, 2018 (True PDF) 34 Issues | True PDF | English | 258 MB Total List of magazines: 3D World - February 2018 UK AIR International - January 2018 Amateur Gardening - January 6, 2018 Amateur Photographer - January 6, 2018 America's Civil War - March 2018 AppleMagazine - December 29, 2017 Automobile - February 2018 USA Britain at War - January 2018 Consumer Reports - February 2018 Cosmopolitan - February 2018 UK Elektor - February 2018 Empire - February 2018 UK FHM - January 2018 PH Flight International - January 2, 2018 Harper's Magazine - January 2018 HGTV Magazine - February 2018 History of War 50 - 2018 UK How It Works 107 - 2018 UK Maxim - January 2018 ZA Men's Health - February 2018 USA Military History - March 2018 Motor Trend - February 2018 National Geographic History - February 2018 net - February 2018 Popular Mechanics - February 2018 Radio Times - January 6, 2018 Redbook - February 2018 USA Rolling Stone - January 11, 2018 Runner's World - February 2018 UK Servo - January 2018 Skin Deep - February 2018 UK Town & Country - February 2018 USA WebUser - December 28, 2017 UK Women's Running - February 2018 UK
  13. Battle of the Sexes 2017 720p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO Single Download Link Size: 4085962754 bytes (3.81 GiB), duration: 02:02:04, avg.bitrate: 4463 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x536, 24.00 fps(r) (eng) Genre(s): Biography / Comedy / Drama / Sport Plot: In the wake of the sexual revolution and the rise of the women's movement, the 1973 tennis match between women's world champion Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-men's-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) was billed as the BATTLE OF THE SEXES and became one of the most watched televised sports events of all time, reaching 90 million viewers around the world. As the rivalry between King and Riggs kicked into high gear, off-court each was fighting more personal and complex battles. The fiercely private King was not only championing for equality, but also struggling to come to terms with her own sexuality, as her friendship with Marilyn Barnett (Andrea Riseborough) developed. And Riggs, one of the first self-made media-age celebrities, wrestled with his gambling demons, at the expense of his family and wife Priscilla (Elisabeth Shue). Together, Billie and Bobby served up a cultural spectacle that resonated far beyond the tennis court, sparking discussions in bedrooms ... Screenshots: Download:
  14. Mallu Girl Swetha pussy fingering By lover Size: 26345547 bytes (25.13 MiB), duration: 00:05:43, avg.bitrate: 614 kb/s Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, mono (eng) Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 416x504, 20.00 fps(r) (eng) download link Mallu Girl Swetha pussy fingering By lover.mp4 - 25.13 MB
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