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Found 1,900 results

  1. Dream Audio Tools The Portable v1.0 KONTAKT RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  2. Big Fish Audio Zodiac Experimental Sound Design KONTAKT RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  3. MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium Multilingual 180116 MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium Multilingual | 359.3 MB The only thing that sounds even better than the original: the original - optimized using MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium. This high-quality together different tools for digitizing, editing and optimizing your audio files in a software leaves no wish unfulfilled. And at least if you play your sounds optimized for the first time, you will realize what really makes a high-quality audio solution. Experience your video and audio recordings in the future with impressive sound quality. Increase audio quality. And your expectations. The harmonic interplay between easy-to-use operation and professional audio technology in Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium will have a lasting impact on your sound experience. Enjoy up to 96 kHz/24-bit recording, effective presets for audio repair and incredible digital remastering. The most important features: - Record in studio quality up to 96 kHz/24-bit - Remove noise with 1-click solutions - More than 360 new presets for sound optimization - Optimize video sound - Audio & video converter for all common formats - Restore smartphone recordings, for instance of concerts - CD import: Automatically retrieve track information & covers - Tools for visual sound analysis - Burn CDs & DVDs New in this version: Over 6,000 current internet radio stations Discover new songs, exciting artists and informative shows with Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium. Enjoy music online in high quality and play it offline too. This is made possible by the new internet radio feature. 4K and HD support Developed to ensure the highest quality on both acoustic and visual levels. The design supports even high-resolution 4K & HD monitors in the display. Optimized digital remastering The optimized Auto Mastering enables more dynamic sound analysis and direct comparison of sound results between different musical genres. Add CD covers The CD covers of imported original CDs are automatically downloaded via the Internet and integrated directly into the audio files. OS : ShiChuang 10/8/7/2008/Vista/XP Language : German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  4. Automate Premium / Enterprise | Languages: English | File Size: 214.06 MB | 247.45 MB | 531.98 MB | 538.27 MB Whether your requirement is transferring thousands of files securely, compiling month-end reports, or extracting data from a homegrown application, Automate robots will streamline your workload so you can focus on the strategic activities where you add the most value. In just a few minutes of dragging and dropping, you can configure a robot to follow all the steps in the process that you would follow. You do not even have to schedule the robot for the same time every day your robotic process can be triggered by an event such as a file arrival. Ease of Use Automates award-winning, easy-to-use configuration allows you to create powerful tasks by simply selecting an action and updating the values to configure a robot to complete the steps you manually perform. Powerful robots are configured in minutes, offsetting hours of manual work. Over 600 plain-English building blocks are available You can easily search, filter, and sort to help you find the desired automation activity. Sophisticated Process Design Comprehensive, yet easy to use. Centrally manage scheduling for all of your robots from basic time-based schedules to holiday schedule management and even triggering. Event Driven Task Triggering Not everything happens on a schedule. Triggers are Automates responsive solution for automation. Triggers watch for system or network events and launch a task in response. Website Interaction Automate interacts with browsers at the graphical interface level, just like you, and can do almost anything you can do on a website, like click on links, select from a menu, or type into a text box. Microsoft Exchange Automate creates, deletes, and modifies Microsoft Exchange objects like appointments, tasks, contacts, and email. Can monitor an Exchange mailbox for emails matching complex filter criteria. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Automate a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage, and reporting of all customer, product, and order data. Amazon Web Services Automate your cloud infrastructure. Automate provides an on-demand cloud IT infrastructure to companies of all sizes and supports the five main components of AWS: EC2, RDS, S3, SimpleDB, and SQS. SNMP SNMP is the internet standard protocol developed to manage nodes (servers, workstations, routers, switches, hubs, etc.) on an IP network. Automate launches a task when an SNMP trap is received. You can specify filters to watch for particular traps. Microsoft Windows Azure Take advantage of fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services; Native activities to create, list, update, and delete Binary Large Objects (BLOB), Table Services, and Queue Services. Native Terminal Emulation Allows direct automation of your legacy systems over SSH, Telnet, or COM port by supporting terminal emulation standards such as TTY, VT100, VT220, VT320, TN3280, TN5250, and ANSI natively. Active Directory Active Directory actions provide the capability to create, modify, and remove Active Directory objects, groups, or users. Runtime Support Automate task execution can occur on separate workstations across the enterprise. Deployed tasks to Runtime/Agent licenses (sold separately) for remote execution. This offers an extremely cost-effective means of automating multiple machines. MSMQ Automate has the capability to automate MSMQ operations, including the ability to send, retrieve, clear, or wait for MSMQ messages as well as the capability to create or delete a message queue. SharePoint SharePoint is a powerful business collaboration platform. Automates prebuilt SharePoint activities and drag-and-drop interface automate the management and administration of SharePoint users, sites, libraries, and lists. VMware Automate supports the full suite of virtualization software including ESX, ESXi, Workstation, and Player. This provides the ability to clone systems, manage snapshots, and interact directly with a Guest OS. PowerShell Automate the management and control of PowerShell processing on local or remote machines via embedded or existing PS1 scripts. WMI Automate WMI queries to monitor and control managed resources on a local or remote computer, improving manageability of computers in a networked environment. Release Notes: 11.0.2 Release Notes Homepage
  5. Audulus 3 v3.4.1 | macOS 180116 Audulus 3 v3.4.1 | macOS | 31 mb Audulus is a minimalist modular audio processing application. Design sound from first principles. ? Winner of Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award, 2017 "Audulus 3 is out and is stunning!" - Richard Devine, "beautiful interface" - Peter Kirn, ? Run Audulus as an Audio Unit inside other apps! ? With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. Audulus's user interface is clean, simple, and easy to learn, allowing you to focus on sound. "The biggidy bomb coolest most super tech-nerd fun times soft synth I've bought in recent times!" - Mac App Store Australia review "Love this App. It has one of the best UIs I've ever used." - USA Mac App Store review "Remarkable gesture control" - ? Visit our forum for exciting user-created patches! ? ? Key Features: * fluid interface - smooth animated interaction * MIDI control - use your control surface or MIDI keyboard * presets - quickly change between settings * unlimited history - everything you do is stored * polyphony - process multiple voices * encapsulation - group nodes into sub-patches * diverse nodes - from ADSR to ZeroCross * audio unit version - run Audulus as an Audio Unit inside other apps (free download) * iCloud support - effortlessly sync patches between Mac and iPad ? Featured Built-in Modules: * 5ms Revolving Clock Divider * Touch Feedback Clock * Ms. Torsion Distortion * Fibonacci Sequence * Fab Five Rectifying LFO * The Warpeggiator * Scale Quantizer * Cyclone Matrix Mixer ...and many more! ? Built-in Nodes: * Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 waveforms) * ADSR Envelope * Noise Generator * Mathematical Modules: Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Sine, Modulo * Random Number Generator * MIDI controlled Keyboard * MIDI assignable trigger * 16-Step Sequencer * Delay * Distortion * Low Pass Filter * High Pass Filter * Pitch Shifter * Constant Value * Gain * Mapper Curve * Piecewise-linear Spline Curve * Crossfade * 4-Channel Mixer * Level Meter * Value Meter * Scrolling Waveform Meter * Input/Output * Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer * Global Time * Sub-Patch * Timer * Zero-crossing Counter * Audio Unit Plug-in * Custom Nodes - build your own modules! * Math expression module -34 Math nodes in one! * Timing mode - figure out which nodes are using the most CPU! * Switch pack - two nodes for signal routing, more to come! * Poly pack - Stereo and Quadraphonic processing! ? Recommended Hardware: Mid 2010 Mac. May not run well on older hardware. Intel GMA 950 Graphics is not supported. ? Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit Mac App Store: Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  6. Big Fish Audio Mahadhi African Rhythms ACID WAV REX AIFF 180115 Big Fish Audio Mahadhi African Rhythms ACID WAV REX AIFF DYNAMICS | ACID WAV REX AIFF | 2.3 GB Mahadhi ya Afrika! In Africa, traditional music is not written down, but handed down from generation to generation. You'll feel that tradition as you dance to the rhythms of Africa with this collection of live percussion loops. Traditional instruments include the agogo, bembe, conga, djembe, ekwe, shekere, kalimba, talking drum, saworo, shaweru and more. Authenticity is the key to this journey that takes you to the heart of Africa. If you want to experience this culture in it's purest form, Mahadhi puts the rhythms of Africa at your fingertips. 1,837 LOOPS FROM 90-170 BPM THERE ARE 27 FOLDERS ORGANIZED BY BPM'S. IN EACH OF THE 27 FOLDERS ARE VARIOUS INSTRUMENT FOLDERS INSTRUMENTS INCLUDE agogo bembe conga djembe ekwe ogenne djundjun shekere talkdrum shaker goje kalimba sakara chimes saworo shaweru juju samba home page Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  7. The Foreigner (2017) 720p BDRip 5.1 Dual Audio [English+Hindi] Esub-GOPISAHI Single Download Link Size: 718364416 bytes (685.09 MiB), duration: 01:50:21, avg.bitrate: 868 kb/s Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1272x496, 23.98 fps(r) (eng) Genre(s): Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller Plot: The story of humble London businessman Quan (Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love - his teenage daughter - is taken from him in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism. In his relentless search for the identity of the terrorists, Quan is forced into a cat- and-mouse conflict with a British government official (Brosnan), whose own past may hold clues to the identities of the elusive killers. Screenshots: Download:
  8. Marshall (2017) 1080p WEB-DL DD 5.1 x264 ESub-DLW Single Download Link Size: 1812582544 bytes (1.69 GiB), duration: 01:58:30, avg.bitrate: 2039 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1916x954, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Biography / Drama Plot: About a young Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, as he battles through one of his career-defining cases. Screenshots: Download:
  9. WALL-E (2008) BRRip XviD MP3-RARBG Single Download Link Size: 1312516092 bytes (1.22 GiB), duration: 01:37:25, avg.bitrate: 1796 kb/s Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720x300, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Animation, Adventure, Family In the distant future, a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. Screenshots: Download:
  10. Luxion Keyshot Pro Animation Vr 5.2.10 (x84 / x64)-P2P 180115 Luxion Keyshot Pro Animation Vr 5.2.10 (x84 / x64)-P2P KeyShot 5 brings new features to the fastest 3D rendering and animation system available. With news ways to discover and share resources through the KeyShot Cloud, create product variations through Instancing, captivate with new animation tools or apply accurate Sun & Sky lighting to imported NURBS geometry, KeyShot is your key to creating amazing shots. KeyShotVR (KeyShot): 5 possible VR types: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble, Custom Set starting angle interactively Set horizontal / vertical frames including start and end angle for custom VR Realtime feedback when setting up the VR play back, tweak, etc. for desired result Compression Quality control keeps digital footprint small while ensuring highest quality images Control over zoom Adjustable rotation damping Support for render in background, render queue, network rendering Support for render queue Support for Network Rendering Unlimited output resolution Output: jpeg, png Floating license feature KeyShotVR can be checked out separately when checking out a floating license. KeyShot Animation Features Animation transform offsets (patent pending): Rather than relying on keyframes, KeyShot relies on individual object and camera transform offsets that can be combined, copied and linked to deliver a fully featured animation. Single application and environment: The animation capabilities have been built directly into KeyShot. Animation in a realtime raytraced environment: Setup, edit, and playback inside realtime raytraced environment, just like when setting up a scene in realtime for still image creation. Realtime Interaction: Full interaction with camera, lighting and materials during animation playback. Animation wizard: Step by step guide for first time users Copy and paste: Animations can be copied from one object to another and linked Helper objects: Select any part or assembly as rotation center Camera animation types: Orbit, Incline, Zoom, Translate Part and object animation types: Turntable, Rotation, Translation Fast preview output: AVI, MPEG High quality render output: AVI, MPEG, Flash, individual frames including Alpha channel. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  11. Big Fish Audio Psychedelic 60s MULTiFORMAT RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  12. Ruby for Vocaloid4FEA 18 January 2016 180115 Ruby for Vocaloid4FEA 18 January 2016 Ruby for Vocaloid4FE AlexVox | 18 January 2016 | 1.18Gb RUBY is the exciting new Vocaloid 4 artist from PowerFX. Ruby is a youthful female vocalist with a smooth, joyful sound with the power and soul to" kick it out" when needed. Recorded using an American singer, the pronunciation and articulation are strong and RUBY?s character shines through. RUBY also takes advantage of the new developments in Vocaloid 4 with improved dynamic capabilities and a cool new "growling" function that enables more character and impact from the vocal. RUBY is an essential addition to the PowerFX Vocaloid roster and a great tool for digital producers and music makers needing a unique and versatile virtual vocalist. Note: This is english language library home page Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  13. ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 180115 ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 | 321.0 mb Prota Inc. has released update of ProtaStructure Suite 2016, is the all-in-one package for 3D finite element analysis, code-compliant design, seismic assessment and detailing of reinforced concrete and steel structures. ProtaStructure Suite combines the power of ProtaStructure together with the full detailing capability of ProtaDetails for the ultimate building design and detailing solution for structural engineering professionals. What's New in ProtaStructure 2016 ProtaStructure 2016 is a fantastic new release containing many new features and enhancements for you to enjoy. Key benefits of this include: - Slab Meshing in Building Analysis Include slabs, ribbed and waffle slabs at any storey(s) in building analysis model by automatically meshing them with a shell elements. Use rigid or semi-rigid diaphragms with ability to choose slab load decomposition options, mesh sensitivity and slab stiffness. - P-Delta Analysis Consider second-order slenderness effects by performing P-Delta analysis. - Enhance Visual Interrogation Easily check slab and member sizes, loads and other model properties - Seismic Analysis, Design & Detailing Analysis and design can be carried out in compliance with EC8 for Malaysia & Singapore National Annex. Detailing requirements of EC8 from Low to High Ductility classes are fulfilled. - Soil-Structure Interaction Enable foundations to be integrated into building analysis model for more accurate assessment of building behaviour. - Pile Cap Design & Detailing A comprehensive pile cap design solution has been implemented which automatically design piles arrangement, pile cap depth & reinforcements. This covers both regular and eccentric pile positions. Rationalisation of design with grouping can also be easily performed. Pile cap detail drawings, pile cap schedules & quantity extraction can all be seamlessly generated in ProtaDetails. - Model Merging Build large models quickly with 2 or more engineers working on separate model or parts of the building and "merge" these together for analysis and design for fast project delivery. - New Report Manager Fully integrated reports into one repository. Insert custom reports including 3rd party documents, create custom report sets, and insert QR codes and company logos to produce a professional design report. - Curved, circular & multi-segment sketch lines Make use curved & multi-segment sketch lines to model irregular slab edges or columns. - Eccentric Pad Footings Columns can eccentrically sit on a pad footing. Additional moments are automatically considered in footing design. - Base Isolator analysis and design Model Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) or Friction Pendulum System (FPS) seismic isolators anywhere along a column. Check isolator displacement limits with summary reports. - Enhanced model and view export Plan & 3D views can be exported to DXF/DWG directly from ProtaStructure. All 3D and plan views can be exported as picture (jpeg) format. A member can be exported as STL file for 3D printers. - Faster column/wall & beam design (storey by storey) New options to design only active floor members for faster design & detailing especially for large models. - BRC mesh reinforcement for slabs BRC mesh reinforcement (e.g. A & B series) is implemented for slab design & detailing. - Finite Element Slab Pattern Load Slab load pattern can be defined on the floor slabs. This is especially useful for flab slab system to capture design envelopes due to different load patterns. - Contour Export from FE Floor Post-processor The moment & reinforcement contours of slabs analysed using FE Floor Analysis can now be exported & integrated into the main model view for easy review or checking. These can then be exported to DWG or DXF format for further detailing & final drawing production. - Finite Element Design of Foundation Systems and Foundation Beams Pad footings, pile caps, strip footings and mat foundations can be modelled together in a single structure. Mixed foundation systems can alternatively be analysed and designed by finite element method. Foundation beams can be check-designed by analytical or FE methods. - New Strip foundation Eccentric strip footings can be modelled. Strip footing design, detailing and reporting is enhanced. - Enhanced Section Database Comprehensive Continental Singapore and Malaysian steel profiles are included. - Faster modelling Significant speed enhancement in model creation, modification and manipulation. - Faster analysis and design Analysis and design processes are optimized to deliver results quickly. - Enhanced Integration with Revit ProtaStructure utilizes native integration with Revit and now fully supports integration with both Revit 2016 and 2015 versions. Integration is enhanced with drop panels of flat slab model correctly imported into Revit. ProtaStructure Enterprise Suite extends professional edition with advanced time-history, staged construction and nonlinear analyses, seismic isolators, nonlinear link elements and seismic assessment/retrofitting. About PROTA Inc. At Prota we've been delivering innovative solutions to structural engineers and drafting professionals since 1985. With revolutionary software solutions including the new ProtaStructure, ProtaDetails and ProtaMobile, thousands of engineers, CAD technicians and project innovators across the world choose Prota software for their steel and concrete building design and detailing. Name: ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise Version: 2016 SP6 Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit Interface: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even / 8.x / 10 Size: 321.0 mb Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  14. AspenOne v9-CYGiSO 180115

    AspenOne v9-CYGiSO 180115 AspenOne v9-CYGiSO | Size: 7.718 GB aspenONE is a unified web and mobile environment for searching, sharing, viewing, interacting, and collaborating using the content produced by Aspen's engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain products. Now, your organization can effectively collaborate withvanytime, anywhere access to plans, schedules, simulations and production performance data. -- Requirements -- Microsoft Windows Dual Intel Wolfdale DP family 2.66 GHz (4 cores) or faster 16 GB RAM 300 GB free hard disk space -- Install-Notes -- Unrar the files Burn or mount the Image with your favorite Tool Start Setup and install Follow instructions from \CYGiSO\readme.txt Done Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  15. Big Fish Audio Android Nightmares WAV Ableton 180115 Big Fish Audio Android Nightmares WAV Ableton | 2.35 GB From the totally spaced out mind that brought you hard hitting sample packs like Electro Magnetic Fury and Electron Smasher, Android Nightmares is the latest release from Perry Geyer of Cybersound. Laced with 100 menacing beats, warped out loops, and in your face robotic FX; Android Nightmares is ready to blow the lid off your latest audio creations and inject some system-critical attitude into its digital DNA. With a dizzying yet perfect blend of creepy atmospheres, morphing rhythms, and hostile breaks, Android Nightmares will push you over the edge. The machines will take no prisoners when it comes to your film & TV soundtracks, video game scores, and other music projects. This is digital audio warfare. This is the soundtrack of the singularity. This is Android Nightmares. Product Details: - 4+ GB of content - 100 Ableton Live Project kits - 800+ WAV stems FANTASTiC | Jan 06 2017 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  16. Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product 180115 Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 5 Hours | Lec: 47 | 1.09 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English The Enormous Amazon FBA Opportunity Start Taking Action! In each video you get 1 action step and we walk you through EXACTLY how to complete that step. The Enormous Amazon FBA Opportunity You already know there is a huge Amazon FBA opportunity. But you probably don't know exactly how huge it really is... In the next 15 seconds I will explain why so many people, just like you, are enormously excited... Last year, in 2016, Amazon's 200 plus million customers purchased $136 billion dollars worth of product. Most importantly, 45%+ of those sales came from third-party sellers (these are people just like you) In 2016, 100,000 of these people each made over $100,000 in sales from their Amazon FBA business. On Amazon 100,000 People Made Over $100,000 In Sales Last Year I graduated from Penn State University and our football stadium is one of the biggest in the world, holding a little over 100,000 people. Imagine every single seat in that stadium filled with someone that made over $100,000 in sales from their FBA business! Not only is the Amazon FBA opportunity enormous, it also keeps growing! 2016 was another record-breaking year for the company. It's easy to see why you're so excited to start your own Amazon FBA business. So, what's the problem? The 3 Roadblocks That Are Stopping You We received 60 survey responses to this question and discovered there are 3 roadblocks that stop most people from creating their Amazon FBA business. I bet that at least one of these is stopping you right now. Roadblock #1 - You have a lack of knowledge of what to do and the more you try to learn the more overwhelmed you feel. Roadblock #2 - You have a fear of failing. And of those fears the strongest is losing the money you invest Roadblock #3 - You don't know how to find the right product to sell In other words... You don't have the right knowledge and are afraid of failing and losing your money. The More You Try To Get The 'Right Knowledge' The More Overwhelmed You Feel It's an annoying problem. The more time you spend searching for the 'right knowledge' on how start an Amazon FBA business the more overwhelmed you feel. And the more overwhelmed you feel the greater your fear of failing and losing your money becomes. Eventually this fear will grow to the point where you give up on starting an Amazon FBA business. Or, instead of giving up you will say, "I will just start my Amazon FBA business later." But we both know that "later" will never come. And even IF you were to start later, the opportunity won't be as great as it is now because of increasing competition. Can you imagine how many people who would have successfully made a $100,000 per year Amazon FBA business didn't because they gave up before they even started? In 2013 And With Only $500 Erik Started His Amazon FBA Business After years of selling items on eBay, Erik was getting tired of doing everything himself. Every few weeks a new shipment of products would arrive to his apartment. He packaged every single one of those products himself and made daily trips to the local post office. He was making money but hadn't created the profitable business he wanted. Instead he had created a full-time job. In 2013 Erik first heard about Amazon FBA. The idea was exciting! All he would have to do is ship all his products to Amazon and they would do the work for him. At First, Erik's Amazon FBA Business Was Failing With less than $500 to invest Erik decided to try starting an Amazon FBA business. Did he have immediate success? Nope. It was failing, fast. He was a small step away from giving up on the Amazon platform completely. He decided to give it one last chance. This was it. He started tweaking his Amazon listings and the sales slowly started to increase. Most people would say this small amount of success was not worth the effort. But Erik saw the potential. This led him to spend years figuring Amazon out. In this process he wasted huge amounts of time and money but he was learning. To him that was the most important thing. After Years of Trial And Error Erik Learned A TON And Now Has $11,231 in Sales Each Month Over time he turned his original $500 investment in Amazon to an Amazon FBA business that today generates $11,231 per month. And the best part? He only spends 2 hours of work a week maintaining it. He became one of those 100,000 people in Beaver Stadium. But It wasn't until Erik started teaching Amazon FBA to one of his friends that things got interesting... Erik Found The Most Important Part Of Creating A Profitable Amazon FBA Business After years of experience Erik realized the MOST important part of creating a profitable Amazon FBA business was selecting the right product. It is also the first place every beginner should start when creating their Amazon business. Earlier we talked about the 3 roadblocks that stop people. To help you overcome these challenges we knew our course had to be different. By combing the expertise of myself, an eLearning Expert teaching over 42,000 students, and Erik Rogne, an Amazon FBA expert, we have created a unique course that solves all 3 of these roadblocks. The Solution To The Three Roadblocks That Are Stopping You Roadblock Number #1 - You have a lack of knowledge of what to do and the more you try to learn the more overwhelmed you feel. Our Solution: We made this course action focused. That feeling of being overwhelmed and lack of knowledge comes from learning too much but not taking action. In 25 of the videos in our course you get 1 action step to complete. Then we walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to complete that step. Roadblock Number #2 - You have a fear of failing. And of those fears the strongest is losing the money you invest Our Solution: Almost everyone that fails on Amazon FBA and loses their investment did so because they chose the wrong product. That is why we decided to focus our entire course on this subject. It's that important! Roadblock Number #3 - You don't know how to find the right product to sell Our Solution: We've taken all the guesswork and chance out of this process. You will be watching over our shoulder as we walk you through every step of finding a profitable product. To make things even easier we've created 11 PDF resources that do all the work for you. This PDFs tell you what factors make a product a good one. Your product either passes or it doesn't. You can't do it wrong. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  17. ARCHLINE XP 2016 x64 Win 180114 ARCHLINE XP 2016 x64 Win | 589.73 MB Title: ARCHLINE XP 2016 x64 Win Info: Export of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data from ARCHLine.XP 2016 has achieved the certification by the buildingSMART, formerly the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI). IFC is the international standard exchange format developed and managed by buildingSMART International and not controlled by any single software vendor. IFC interfaces to export IFC files are fully integrated into ARCHLine.XP 2016. The certified IFC Export from ARCHLine.XP 2016 will expand the ability of architects and designers to create, manage and exchange BIM models between various software programs. With this certification ARCHLine.XP 2016 become an integrated tool for AEC supply chain. Powerful Opportunities in Design During the development of ARCHLine.XP 2016 the goal was to have an easy-to-use interface & workflow not only for the experienced users but beginners in CAD/BIM design as well. ARCHLine.XP 2016 comes with an integrated interface joining the Architectural and Interior Design user interface. The new DirectX11 graphic update provides a smoothing design experience in 3D. Directx11 exploits the latest in video hardware features. New in 2016: Professional Rendering quality To create stunning images, ARCHLine.XP 2016 includes the first-class Redway3D Render engine. You can work with high level of quality, precision and material accuracy. You can easily render lifelike fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes in daytime and night scenes. The new Render engine integrates on high level the interior lights with the sky and sun illumination. Quick preview image, excellent light effects, the use of multi-core processors are all characterized to create photo realistic images just in a few minutes. The integrated 2D backgrounds and panoramic HDR images provides lifelike background. You can open your unique view photos and HRD background (so-called spherical panoramas) as well. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  18. Tarzan (1999) 720p BRRIP Dual Audio [English+Hindi] Esub-GOPISAHI Language: English | Hindi Single Download Link Size: 666666107 bytes (635.78 MiB), duration: 01:31:51, avg.bitrate: 968 kb/s Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r) (eng) Genre(s): Animation / Adventure / Family / Romance Plot: The movie is about the life of Tarzan. Tarzan was a small orphan who was raised by an ape named Kala since he was a child. He believed that this was his family, but on an expedition Jane Porter is rescued by Tarzan. He then finds out that he's human. Now Tarzan must make the decision as to which family he should belong to... Screenshots: Download:
  19. Mama (2013) 720p BluRay x264 Dual Audio [Hindi +English] ESub-DLW Single Download Link Size: 1001381872 bytes (954.99 MiB), duration: 01:40:08, avg.bitrate: 1333 kb/s Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (hin) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x688, 23.86 fps(r) Genre(s): Horror / Thriller Plot: The senior partner of an investment brokerage, Jeffrey Desange, has a breakdown due to a financial collapse and kills several co-workers and his estranged wife. He then kidnaps his two young daughters, Victoria 3 and Lilly just 1. He drives his car recklessly through a winding snow covered road. He loses control of his car and drives off an embankment. He finds an abandoned and isolated cabin where he plans to kill his daughters, but the children are saved by a dark ghostly image. After five years of searching and depleting his savings, Jeffrey's twin brother, Lucas, finds the children that were raised without social interaction and claim that they have been raised by 'Mama'. Lucas disputes the custody with the children's Great Aunt but Dr. Dreyfuss, who is working with the girls, helps Lucas get custody of the girls so that he can still have access to them. Lucas, his girlfriend Annabel, Victoria and Lilly move into a house provided by the institute that Dr. Dreyfuss works for. Lucas... Screenshots: Download:
  20. English Course • Navigate • Beginner A1 Coursebook with Audio and Video 2016 | English | MP3, MP4, True PDF, 178 pages | 713.57 MB Navigate is a brand new, six-level General English course tailored exclusively to adults. The course takes an innovative approach to reading and listening based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages. It teaches reading and listening from the bottom up, giving learners the skills they need to understand the next text they will read and hear, not just the one they are reading or hearing now. The content has been extensively piloted and reviewed in ELT classrooms across the world, giving teachers the confidence that it really works.
  21. F9 Audio Grid V2.0 Future Retro Multisampled Patches For Ableton Live Logic 9 and Logic Pro X RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
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  23. Digital 1 Audio PCDJ DEX 3 Red Edition v3.8.0 WiN / OSX | 55 Mb Information:
  24. Safe Software FME Desktop v2015.0.15253 (x86/x64) 180113 Safe Software FME Desktop v2015.0.15253 (x86/x64) | 708 - 750 MB FME Desktop of Safe Software - a powerful solution for converting Geodata to and fro. It supports a lot of formats, has adapters for different databases and geoserverov - ArcSDE, MySQL, PostGIS and SQL Server Spatial 2008. That alone is interesting to me - can work with KML 2.2. Total 200 + formats. Is able to transform the figures setting flow transformation, universal view of data and God-knows-what. FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful spatial ETL toolset used by thousands of GIS professionals worldwide to quickly translate, transform and integrate data. While spatial data is all around you, it often must be converted to be made usable. Proprietary formats, unique data models, an array of coordinate systems, and a myriad of storage locations all contribute their own obstacles to data accessibility. Yet writing custom translation scripts to tackle these challenges is time consuming, and the resulting dataset is often not structured the way you need it. How much is this inefficient process costing your business? For over 15 years, Safe Software has been providing GIS professionals with an efficient alternative for data conversion. FME Desktop helps users make their data accessible to the people who need it by providing: - Quick data translation for 225+ formats - Flexible data model transformation and coordinate system conversion - Powerful integration between multiple data types and within leading GIS applications 1. Support for 225+ Formats Read and write data in over 225 formats with a single toolset. FME Desktop format support is unrivalled in the industry and supports CAD, GIS, raster, database, 3D and BIM formats; for example, AutoCAD DWF/DWG, Bentley Microstation Design file, ESRI Shape, GeoTIFF, Industry Foundation Class STEP Files (IFC) and Oracle Spatial. You can also execute SQL queries against your spatial database, including ESRI ArcSDE, MySQL, PostGIS and SQL Server Spatial 2008. 2. Graphical Authoring Environment Quickly and easily define data flows with point and click. An intuitive authoring environment, FME Workbench makes it easy for you to graphically specify data transformations ("workspaces") that manipulate your spatial data and its associated attribution. FME Workbench is also the design tool used to create spatial data flows for FME Server. 3. Data Transformations Ensure you see the spatial data the way that you want to see it. The Transformer Gallery offers more than 300 transformers to help you easily and accurately manipulate the geometry and attributes of your spatial data as it moves from the source system to the destination system rlt; for example: * Perform geometric operations * Rename attributes * Calculate new attribute values * Join attributes from a database to feature geometry * Adjust feature symbology 4. Universal Viewer Understand your spatial data. Tightly integrated with FME Workbench, the FME Universal Viewer lets you quickly inspect your spatial data's geometry and attributes - before, after, and even during the transformation process. You can use it to examine features, identify attributes and values, and enhance the display using color, symbols and labelling. 5. Universal Translator Quickly move data from one format to another. Designed for quick translation, the FME Universal Translator makes it easy for you to perform simple conversions between hundreds of formats simple drag-and-drop. You can also use it to run workspaces created by others through FME Workbench. 6. Batch Processing Save time through efficient batch processing. With FME Desktop, you can set your spatial ETL data flows (workspaces) to run automatically from ShiChuang schedule or a command line. Write your own batch translation scripts or let FME create the script for you. Build one workspace and run it on multiple data sets - there's no need to manually change the source in each workspace. Designed for efficiency, this feature is ideal for: * running recurring translations at off peak hours * migrating data from one database to another, with change control * comparing multiple data sets 7. Expert FME Service and Support Get the support you need to take full advantage of FME. To help you get up and running, FME Desktop includes software updates and technical support for the first year. FME users also receive access to an FME beta - updated weekly so you always access to the latest and greatest capabilities. Plus, more than 50 Certified FME Professionals and Trainers are available to help you build your team's FME expertise. 8. Support for Thousands of Coordinate Systems Ensure rapid, straightforward coordinate system conversion. With FME Desktop, you can choose from thousands of pre-defined coordinate systems based on a variety of projections, ellipsoids, and datums. You can also define your own custom coordinate system. 9. Tight Integration with Your Applications and Systems Conveniently access and transform hundreds of different data formats directly from within your application of choice. The full power of FME can be accessed directly from within many popular GIS or Business Intelligence applications, including: * Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D and MapGuide * ESRI ArcGIS * IBM Information Server DataStage * Informatica PowerCenter * Intergraph GeoMedia * MapInfo Professional * WeiRuan -->WeiRuan SQL Server (including Integration Services) * Oracle Spatial * Smallworld Plus, for maximum flexibility, FME can be accessed by applications in C++, Java, and .NET 10. NeoGeography Support Create mashups using the latest web formats and services. FME Desktop can read/write geospatial data in popular web formats such as GeoRSS and Google KML (Google Earth/Maps). You FME can also consume data from web services including WFS, WMS, REST and Geocoding. Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  25. It (2017) Bluray H264 Dual Audio [Ita+Eng] Ac3 5.1-RoomCrew Single Download Link Size: 2084175240 bytes (1.94 GiB), duration: 02:14:42, avg.bitrate: 2063 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (ita) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x304, 23.98 fps(r) (eng) Genre(s): Drama / Horror / Thriller Plot: In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, leaving behind bloody remains. In a place known as 'The Barrens', a group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with an evil clown and their determination to kill It. Screenshots: Download: