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Found 2,321 results

  1. The Complete PHP Bootcamp Course With Video Sharing Project 180119 The Complete PHP Bootcamp Course With Video Sharing Project MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 14.5 Hours | Lec: 74 | 2.11 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English In this complete PHP Bootcamp Course students will learn how to create a video sharing project with advanced admin panel In this course, You will understand PHP from a beginner to advanced approach. You will also be working directly with php functions, understanding how to use MySQL, creating a complete bootstrap based Blog with PHP programming with admin panel, and a complete Video Sharing Website! With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards understanding and learning how create your own video sharing project and more! When I learn something new about the topics covered in this course, I add it to the course - at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add value to you! Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  2. Implementing Windows Server 2016 Connectivity and Remote Access MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 3 Hours | 414 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Windows Server 2016 can function as a NAT router, a remote access VPN server, a site-to-site VPN server, and a RADIUS server. This course explains and demonstrates how to configure each of these roles. Windows Server 2016 provides tools for users to connect to corporate networks from outside the LAN, using VPNs where DirectAccess may not be feasible. Administrators can control and track remote connections using Network Policy Servers-Microsoft's implementation of RADIUS. Server 2016 also supports routing and NAT, which reduces the number of public IP addresses a company must purchase. In this course, Implementing Windows Server 2016 Connectivity and Remote Access, you will first learn how to use private IPs internally but still have access to the Internet. Next, you'll create a secure VPN server for remote access. Finally, you'll learn how to connect two cities with a site-to-site VPN, and configure a RADIUS server for centralized administration. By the end of this course, you'll not only learn what you need to get certified, you'll learn what you need to be a Windows Server 2016 hero in whatever capacity your job requires.
  3. Metal Method - The Complete Guitar Course - Weeks 1-24 (2016) MP4 | AVC 5962kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 6 hours | AAC stereo 189kbps | 16.16 GB Genre: Video Training Ok peeps, here is installment one of the long awaited Metal Method Complete Guitar Course. It also has the benefit of having a metafile overlay which allows you, if you use a player like VLC media player, to toggle the playlist. This will allow you to skip around each lesson and see each part and what time it plays within the list. If all of this sounds confusing which it was to me at first then just click on the .m3u file and when it activates your player, your playlist should come up automatically. I've included the overlay for those of you that are curious but you don't need to unzip because I've already done that for you. It won't hurt anything if you want to try it out though. Just unzip the overlay file into the current directory with the weekly files. Enjoy, have fun, and feel free to leave me any questions or comments and please seed. Lesson 01 Getting started : tuning guitar : how to read tab : how to hold a pick : power chord basics : basic picking technique : parts of the guitar : Guitar Pro software : rock guitar sound from your amp : pentatonic scale position 1 Lesson 02 Form the correct habits : chord progressions : octaves : sharps and flats : guitar lick basics : using Guitar Pro : note names : pentatonic position 2 : scale shape overview Lesson 03 How much time to devote to practice : open chords : how to read chord diagrams : angle of fingers and finger pressure : song and backing track : minor pentatonic position 3 : goals and level of commitment Lesson 04 Pentatonic position 4 : 2 songs with backing tracks : riff song : kinda heavy song : pentatonic licks and riffs : pentatonic 4 position review Lesson 05 Rhythm guitar discussion : speed and accuracy exercise : pentatonic position 5 and review: play along song exercise : string heighth and guitar set-up : pentatonic shapes Lesson 06 Explanation of rhythmic notation : Em Am open chords : balad with backing track : AC/DC style with backing track : commentary on being a guitarist, practice & motivation Lesson 07 The barre chord experience begins : drop D tuning, first step to master the barre : power chords with one finger : Molten Metal (heavy tune with backing track : I, IV, V progression : intervals : major scale analyzed : 5 string barre : making practice a habit Lesson 08 Beginning of top ten tips for guitar mastery : the value of repetition : making practice sessions effective : speed and accuracy exercise : 3 diatonic patterns : triplets : six string barre chords continued : shapes from E Major barre progressed up the neck : A Major, A minor 7th, A minor, 7th barre chords : songs with backing tracks Lesson 09 Tip 9 to become an amazing guitarist, create your own program : hammer-on technique : Dougâs favorite dexterity exercise : great acoustic guitar technique : all of the common open chords for rock guitar : chord chart Lesson 10 Tip 8 to become an amazing guitarist : pull-off technique : hammer technique continued : speed and accuracy exercise : D, Dm, Dm 7, D7 five string barre: tricks include pick rake, volume sell, whale mating call Lesson 11 Tip 7 to become an amazing guitarist : improvising : finding the key to a song : Internet era guitar playing : song "Aces High" with backing track : hammers and pulls combined : hammer-pull triplets : string bending technique : bend with vibrato Lesson 12 Tip 6 to become an amazing guitarist : 4 rock n roll progressions from simple to complex : 4 backing tracks to play along with the progressions : pull-off / hammer-on finger exercise Lesson 13 Tip 5 to become an amazing guitarist : string muting technique : double-kick aggresive song with backing track : really cool riff song with backing track Lesson 14 Tip 4 to become an amazing guitarist : A minor chord progression : A major chord progression : hammer pull riff with backing track Lesson 15 Beginning of intermediate section : tip 3 to become an amazing guitarist : vibrato : natural harmonics : pick harmonics : tremelo picking : two-hand tapping : whammy bar technique : bend / tap : chromatic finger exercise Lesson 16 Tip 2 to become an amazing guitarist : song with backing track / barre chord practice : linear chromatic finger exercise : A minor lick featuring slide technique : C minor pentatonic lick with bend and pull : Speed and Accuracy exercise Lesson 17 Tip 2 to become an amazing guitarist : hypnosis is not a factor : the incredible Lick - O - Matic : ear training tool : 4 note lead : 4 note lead backing track for improvising lead guitar practice Lesson 18 The beginning of the Pentatonic Zone : pattern 1 practice : first part of 5 section pentatonic lead : backing track : metronome info : using Guitar Pro tab : advanced pick holding : track your progress : repetative movement injuries Lesson 19 Pentatonic Zone continued : pattern 2 practice : 2nd part of pentatonic lead : backing track : triplet demonstration and exercise : sequences : building leads : no shortcuts (motivational) Lesson 20 Pentatonic Zone continued : pattern 3 practice : how to develop automatic technique : alternate fingering : 3 pattern review : 3rd part of pentatonic lead : bonus sixteenth note sequence Lesson 21 Pentatonic Zone continued : pattern 4 practice : accuracy test : four sequences reviewed : four pentatonic patterns reviewed : section 4 of pentatonic lead and backing track Lesson 22 Pentatonic Zone completed : next lesson preview : 5th pentatonic pattern practice : octave lower : complete 5 part pentatonic lead with backing track : Dougâs Trower jam Lesson 23 Beginning of the 5 note lead (Weeks 23 - 25) : reasonable expectations and goals : trapezoid shape : 4 note box reviewed : chord progression for 5 note lead : BB King Blues Box : first part of lead in 3 parts at slow and normal speed : rhythmic and melodic variety Lesson 24 5 note lead continued : explanation of midi based software : speed and accuracy exercise : new section with backing track of the song "Back in Time" : Song review
  4. Kazrog Complete Collection 1 v1.0.0 OSX 180118 Kazrog Complete Collection 1 v1.0.0 OSX Team R2R | Feb 2017 | OSX 832 MB Complete Collection 1 is a full suite of 38 effects plugins for your mixing and mastering endeavors. The bundle includes all Kazrog plugins to date: Mixing / Mastering series KClip 2 Pro - the critically acclaimed mastering clipper and track saturator. masterDither 1 - the industry-leading dither plugin for final audiophile quality mastering. Guitar FX series Thermionik 5 - Suite of 30 amp modeling plugins, which accurately model every control from famous tube guitar amplifiers from vintage to modern. Recabinet 5 - Speaker cabinet impulse response loader plugin and content library. Stockholm - Swedish deathmetal inspired overdrive pedal emulation, based on a famous Japanese pedal of the 80s. Centipede - Boutique overdrive pedal emulation. Vintage Driver - Vintage 70s overdrive pedal emulation. Ram Fuzz - Vintage 70s fuzz pedal emulation. Bass Director - Modern direct bass guitar overdrive and EQ Homepage Kazrog Complete Collection 1 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  5. Allegorithmic Substance Painter x64 180118 Allegorithmic Substance Painter x64 | 1.21 GB Substance Painter is a 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly 3D Painter out there. Main Features - Dota 2 Template - Create items and characters for Dota 2 with our custom Dota 2 template, allowing you to create, preview and export all the textures needed easily! - Particle Brushes - Throw water, dirt or even fire at your object and watch the realistic weathering effects unfold in real time! - Material Painting - Paint full materials at once, lay the groundwork for your textures or paint small details in seconds! - Smart Material - Reuse your materials to texture super quickly! - Physically Based Viewport - Preview your painting in a next-gen viewport for accurate material feedback. - Use Any Rendering Shader - Import your own custom shaders and create your own channels to paint on (or use available pre-built shaders) - Fully Non-Destructive - Modify your UVs or topology at any time without ever losing your work. - Substance Brushes - Use your Substances as brushes and unleash parametric painting! - 2D Seamless Painting Paint in 2D across seams thanks to the unified 3D/2D pipeline. Massive time saver and unique feature in digital painting application! - Multi-Material - Paint on the different texture sets of your mesh! - Shelf - A dense preset library of materials, tools and effects that are tweakable, making the possibilities infinite. 3D PBR Painting Use a complete and familiar set of texturing tools: PBR and particle painting, Substance procedural effects, smart materials and smart masks, and fast baking. Iray Pathtrace Rendering Render directly with NVIDIA Iray and enhance your images with Yebis post-process effects. Toggle the viewport in new fullscreen mode for an immersive painting experience. Automated Texturing Use and reuse presets and integrated bakers to speed up texturing. Smart Materials Create and reuse your own mesh-adaptive materials Smart Masks Create and reuse your own mesh-adaptive mask presets Integrated Bakers AO / normal map / etc. New features in Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2: Iray Path Tracer integration for advanced rendering and screenshot capability New Smart Masks for creating and using your own mesh-adaptive mask presets New Clone tool for copying and pasting parts of textures New Smudge tool for blending and spreading colors Ability to chain and composite substances New content in the shelf: alphas, tools, materials, smart materials, and more New interface with reworked colors, icons, and parameter organization New Orthographic view mode and Perspective Field of View control New Fullscreen mode with interface toggling Support for the Specular/Glossiness PBR workflow Allegorithmic Substance Painter Fixed : [Mac] Wacom tablet input broken in 3D and 2D view akers Matching by name doesn't work anymore akers "Average Normals" setting doesn't work anymore ray Incorrect rendering with missing baked normal map ray Color Profiles behave differently in comparison to OpenGL renderer ray Exporting render as bitmap doesn't include color profile correction [Substance] Material filters don't work anymore [Tool] Stroke opacity isn't stored in brush presets [Tool] Clone Brush UV Alignment doesn't work anymore [Export] Displacement channel should be centered in 0.5 when exporting in integer [Template] Absolute path is stored in Templates [TextureSet] Channel texture persist after removing the channel Known Issue : [Linux] Wacom tablet input don't work in 3D and 2D view [Mac] Particles can create texture corruption in some cases [Export] In very rare case, black rectangles can appear on AMD GPUs System Requirements: ShiChuang 7 / 8 / 10 - 64 bit mandatory Home : Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  6. Kazrog Complete Collection 1 v1.0.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R 180118 Kazrog Complete Collection 1 v1.0.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R WiN 86 MB | OSX 832 MB Complete Collection 1 is a full suite of 38 effects plugins for your mixing and mastering endeavors. The bundle includes all Kazrog plugins to date: Mixing / Mastering series KClip 2 Pro ??� the critically acclaimed mastering clipper and track saturator. masterDither 1 ??� the industry-leading dither plugin for final audiophile quality mastering. Guitar FX series Thermionik 5 ??� Suite of 30 amp modeling plugins, which accurately model every control from famous tube guitar amplifiers from vintage to modern. Recabinet 5 ??� Speaker cabinet impulse response loader plugin and content library. Stockholm ??� Swedish deathmetal inspired overdrive pedal emulation, based on a famous Japanese pedal of the 80s. Centipede ??� Boutique overdrive pedal emulation. Vintage Driver ??� Vintage 70s overdrive pedal emulation. Ram Fuzz ??� Vintage 70s fuzz pedal emulation. Bass Director ??� Modern direct bass guitar overdrive and EQ Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  7. PremiumSoft Navicat Premium 12.0.4 macOS 180118 PremiumSoft Navicat Premium 12.0.4 macOS | 123 MB Navicat Premium is a database development tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application. Compatible with cloud databases like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. You can quickly and easily build, manage and maintain your databases. Features: Seamless Data Migration Data Transfer, Data Synchronization and Structure Synchronization help you migrate your data easier and faster for less overhead. Deliver detailed, step-by-step guidelines for transferring data across various DBMS. Compare and synchronize databases with Data and Structure Synchronization. Set up and deploy the comparisons in seconds, and get the detailed script to specify the changes you want to execute. Diversified Manipulation Tool Use Import Wizard to transfer data into a database from diverse formats, or from ODBC after setting up a data source connection. Export data from tables, views, or query results to formats like Excel, Access, CSV and more. Add, modify, and delete records with our spreadsheet-like Grid View together with an array of data editing tools to facilitate your edits. Navicat gives you the tools you need to manage your data efficiently and ensure a smooth process. Easy SQL Editing Visual SQL Builder will help you create, edit and run SQL statements without having to worry about syntax and proper usage of commands. Code fast with Code Completion and customizable Code Snippet by getting suggestions for keywords and stripping the repetition from coding. Quickly locate and correct PL/SQL and PL/PGSQL coding errors using our debugging component such as setting breakpoints, stepping through the program, viewing and modifying variable values, and examining the call stack. Intelligent Database Designer Create, modify and manage all database objects using our professional object designers. Convert your databases into graphical representations using a sophisticated database design and modeling tool so you can model, create, and understand complex databases with ease. Increase your Productivity Our powerful local backup/restore solution and intuitive GUI for Oracle Data Pump/SQL Server Backup Utility guides you through the backup process and reduces the potential for errors. Set an automation for repeatable deployment process like database backup and script execution at a specific time or day. No matter where you are, you can always get the job done. Make Collaboration Easy Synchronize your connection settings, models, queries and virtual groups to our Navicat Cloud service so you can get real-time access to them, and share them with your coworkers anytime and anywhere. With Navicat Cloud, you can leverage every minute of your day to maximize your productivity. Learn more > Advanced Secure Connection Establish secure connections through SSH Tunneling and SSL ensure every connection is secure, stable, and reliable. Support different authentication methods of database servers such as PAM authentication for MySQL and MariaDB, and GSSAPI authentication for PostgreSQL. Navicat 12 provides more authentication mechanisms and high-performance environments so you never have to worry about connecting over an insecure network. Whats New : Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or later. HOMEPAGE Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  8. Angularjs 2 final complete tutorial with optional Firebase as backend MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | 474 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English This tutorial will take your from novice to professional on Angular2. Angular2 is a web development platform built and maintained by Google. It is the most popular javascript platform for creating web and mobile apps.
  9. Excel 2016 Pivot Tables: Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 15 | 349 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Pivot Tables in Excel 2016. Learn to create basic Pivot Tables in Excel 2016 with real-life examples. I am Kawser Ahmed, your instructor with this course. I am a full time Excel, Excel VBA and Data Analytics blogger. And I am a corporate Excel trainer in my own country. Monthly around 15,000 Excel users come to my Excel blog and read my Excel and data analysis related articles and tutorials. At the end of this course: You will be able to create and update basic pivot table reports using Excel 2016, You will be able to realize, why and when you can best use of Excel Pivot Table tool, You will be get used to with the features of an Excel Pivot Table Report And you will be able to handle the limitations and compatibility issues related Pivot tables. Let me give you an idea what exact topics I am going to teach you in this course. I will show you the exact cases when you can use the Excel Pivot Table Then I will show you the anatomy of a pivot table report with a real life example. Then you will see the step by step by process of preparing a data source for Excel Pivot table Then you will learn how to create and update a basic pivot table report Then you will be introduced with the Slicer tool in Excel And at the end of the course, I will show you total three techniques that you can use to will save your time when you're working with Excel Pivot tables. I have designed this course for new comers in Excel pivot table feature. But if you are an intermediate level user and want to be get used to with Excel 2016 Pivot table feature, then this course is also for you. This course will give you a simple but powerful introduction to the most powerful tool in Excel. Feel free to take a look at the free previews of this course. I hope this course will change your view about Excel Pivot Table. Enjoy the course and thanks for reading!
  10. 3C Toolbox Pro v1.9.7.9 [Mod Lite] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: 3C Toolbox is the must-have app for every Android user and every root user 3C Toolbox combines many features from other great apps into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. 3C Toolbox has every tool you need to monitor, control and fine-tune all your Android devices. Save 25€ or $30 by getting 3C Toolbox instead of many disparate apps, details available here: To receive the fastest and most friendly support on Play Store, please send a support request from app settings, help and support mentioning your concerns. Over 85% of all users gave it a full 5 star review for a global rating of 4.8, very rare on Play Store! ★★★★★ Permissions detailed: Works best on rooted phones, works well on stock phones too Here are some of the features you will find in the app: ★ Special support for dual battery devices, LG Quick Circle and Samsung Edge notifications ★ Toolbox integration allows for battery savings and performance optimization, profiles to control CPU, IO and device states and managing apps from anywhere ★ Highly Configurable UI allows you to transform the app into something you really like ★ Device manager offers the most powerful profiles, task scheduling and device watchdog you can find to optimize performance and battery saving depending on your unique situation ★ File explorer* is a very simple, yet very powerful explorer that can use root, sort by dates, sizes and stream media files as well as update permissions, ownership and security context. Locally or from any Samba network share ★ Application manager* provides all features you’d expected from such and many more to secure, tune and optimize all apps on your device the way you want. ★ Battery manager* will help you identify apps draining your battery and improve your profiles using comparison statistics, as well as keep track of what actually happened over very long period of time ★ Network manager allows setting WiFi access point priority and configuring* Android firewall, TCP Congestion and DNS ★ Task manager offers a simple UI yet very effective in sorting apps by various usage and getting rid of unwanted apps ★ CPU manager* controls single to octacore CPUs, thermal, multi-core and most custom kernel settings ★ System manager* configures your device at the lowest level, from SD cards performance, memory boost and tweaking various hidden settings using build.prop and sysctl editors. ★ Monitoring and recording all applications activities and battery consumption, component states (connections, localization and phone). Also allows adding status bar notifications with graphics and removing original battery icon using Xposed framework ★ Highly Configurable Widgets are all resizable, from a simple gauge to more complex data display, component toggles, and historical graphics ★ System component switches in app, in widgets or using profiles allows switching on/off about 20+ device components (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc) manually or automatically For advanced debugging/investigations: ★ Terminal Emulator & Script Editor allows sharing and running scripts optionally on boot ★ System Logcat and Kernel Reader* provides advanced filtering and search * Requires root and kernel support for full feature ★ Pro-only features Hide any tabs or any menu item Edit main screen buttons up-to 4x6 grid Multi/auto-select, sort apps in apps manager and (root) explorer Auto backup updated apps and new app notification Recording items and options Use force-stop in task manager and task-killer Create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles Automatic battery markers and manage multiple batteries Notification shortcut to access any features from status notification Extra widgets: 2x1 text, 2x1-5x2 graphic, 4x1-1x4 toggles and 4x4 summary No Ads WHAT'S NEW Workaround for CPU usage not available on few Oreo devices Fix opening files from explorer on Android Oreo ★★★ MOD Lite ★★★ Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (4.56 MB total apk size); Encrypted all resources; All ads and services calls from activity removed; Languages: En, Ru. This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions: arm: arm64: x86:
  11. Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.2 for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro 180117 Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.2 for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro | 253.98 MB BCC 10 is the most complete plug-in collection available for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects users. Over 250 filters and tools for professional motion graphics, visual effects & finishing! Make it in post. Integrated mocha planar tracking & masking Imagineer's Academy Award-winning mocha planar tracking and masking engine is now integrated inside the BCC PixelChooser allowing editors to do more advanced finishing work without leaving the timeline. - Drastically reduce time-consuming masking & manual keyframing - Simplifies tasks such as blurring faces, isolating filters & correcting footage - Unlimited mask layers for simple effect isolation to full blown rotoscoping - Track lens flares, corner pins, titles & graphics with mocha tracking data BCC Beauty Studio BCC Beauty Studio is a new skin retouching tool that gives editors the ability to smooth skin and reduce blemishes making their talent look better. - Advanced skin smoothing produces professional and realistic results for a digital makeover. - State-of-the-art keying algorithm isolates skin tones, while retaining natural sharpness and contrast. - Integrated mocha planar track masking reduces manual keyframe labor. BCC Title Studio BCC Title Studio is a next generation 2D/3D titling plug-in. Create professional broadcast titles and high quality motion graphics at any resolution. - Create stylized 2D or 3D titles with custom bevels, fills and styles. - OpenGL-accelerated features include 3D extrusions, materials, cameras, lights, and deformers - Import 3D models from Maxon C4D or Adobe Illustrator EPS files. - Includes a custom interface plug-in and stand-alone application. New Image Restoration Tools Three new filters are added to the already highly useful set of tools that fix, repair, and restore footage. - BCC Remover fills in missing pixels and removes objects with clone and auto-fill options. - BCC Dropout Fixer easily restores tape based damaged footage with field or frame dropouts. - BCC Reframe reformats and stylizes vertical cell phone video footage into a standard 16?�9 aspect for broadcast. Includes options to stylize the foreground and background with blur, stretch, and mirroring. New Effects in BCC 10 - BCC Light Leaks adds organic and naturalistic "in-camera" light and exposure effects to stylize and enhance footage. - BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of compression artifacts, signal loss, and corrupt digital video. The embedded Beat Reactor can sync glitch effects to audio. New Transitions in BCC 10 New transition effects. Each transition comes with many pre-built presets for an easy starting point. Customize, save and share your transition effects. - BCC Light Leaks Dissolve creates a light exposure-based transition - BCC Cross Glitch mimics abrupt digital signal transitions - BCC Cross Melt conveys a new organic look and feel - BCC Cross Zoom combines zoom, glow, and dissolve into one simple transition FX Browser Quickly and easily find your perfect look. The FX Browser?�? can be accessed both in each individual filter and as a standalone to browse the entire BCC effects presets library. The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. All effects play back over video in your timeline, not just a poster frame. Host Compatibility: Adobe: Creative Cloud 2014-15, CC, CS6, CS5.5 - After Effects and Premiere Pro. What's New in Version 10.0.2: Enhancements in BCC 10.0.2 for Adobe AE/Premiere: * General Enhancements: o Large performance boost on QuadroFX cards in 16bit projects for OGL filters such as Lens Flare 3D. o Numerous bug fixes. * Filter Enhancements: o Witness Protection - simplified mocha tracking workflow with single click access to mocha for easy obscuration of multiple moving objects in a single effect instance. o Reframer - New Resample Quality menu to ensure access to highest quality resampling techniques when upscaling content by large amounts. o Video Glitch - 24 new presets. o Match Grain - Improved UI responsiveness and render performance in Premiere. * PixelChooser/mocha Enhancements: o mocha PixelChooser supports GPU accelerated tracking (OpenCL). o mocha PixelChooser option to suppress the Low Resolution Warning Dialog until the next time the application is relaunched. * Title Studio Enhancements: o Soft Cast Shadows o Depth of Field o Many new and improved presets o New Gradient styles o New Material styles o New Text styles o Numerous UI workflow refinements. o Installer now includes many pre-configured workspace layouts under the Window->Workspace menu. o New contextual control command in the timeline track to rescale all nested track's keyframes to align with the parent track. o Scale Anchor Point control o Support for importing Title Studio .blu files into existing Title Studio compositions to allow easily repurposing project sub-elements. o Gradients styles can now be applied to splines, primitives, and text runs. o Infinite groundplane regardless of scale or zoom. o Wireframe camera instead of solid camera icon. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  12. CISCO CCNA RS (200-125) Certification Complete Course by Ahmad Nadeem 180117 CISCO CCNA RS (200-125) Certification Complete Course by Ahmad Nadeem | 4.57 GB English | Category: Cisco This is version 3 of CCNA Routing and Switching exam as is applicable since Aug 21, 2016 (NOTE: This course has been updated to version-3 (200-125) of CCNA RS requirements). Learn the technologies and concepts of networking in this complete course and earn your CISCO certification. Have an awesome career in Data Communication, large scale service providers or simply make yourself more knowledgeable. Basics of Networking How switches function What does routing mean Design your own networks and implement Routing Protocols Secure your CISCO devices CISCO is the leading Networking equipment provider with a large product portfolio ranging from small Enterprises to large Data Centers. CCNA (R&S) certification is one of the fundamental certifications that will help you in realizing the computer networking concepts and its implementations in real world. This course has been designed for beginner level IT Engineers. It will take you through the physical installation of the CISCO devices to the very epitome of configuring them and make amazing network topologies. This course will ensure that you understand the dreaded concepts of subnetting and spanning tree protocols. You will observe actual packets as they move through the wires and make those "dots connect". While configuring the devices you will feel as if you are doing it yourself, its that close and personal. By following this course you will not only be able achieve your CCNA (R&S) certification but it will pave the foundation for your CCIE certification as well. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  13. All I See Is You (2017) HDRip XviD AC3-EVO File Size : 1.39 GiB A.S.Y.2017.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi Size......: 1.40 GiB Duration..: 1 h 49 min Format....: AVI Video.....: MPEG-4 Visual | 720x304 | 2.35:1 | 23.976 fps | 1 424 kb/s Audio.....: AC-3 at 384 kb/s | 6Ch | 48.0 kHz LANGUAGE..: English Subtitles.: N/A Genre.....: Drama | Mystery iMDB URL..:
  14. Computer Music March 2017 COMPLETE CONTENT RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  15. Waves Complete V9.92 All Plugins Bundle (WiN) RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  16. Avanquest Architect 3D Platinum 2017 180116 Avanquest Architect 3D Platinum 2017 | 1.78 GB Languages: English, French Architect 3D is a Home Design application that allows you to design, equip and decorate your home and garden in 3D. Design your creative project step by step and room by room, from the basement to the loft space. Draw up plans of your house, equip your interior and exterior areas and add your own personal touch to your living space. A virtual tour and extremely realistic 3D rendering allow you to review the results. Architect 3D Platinum 2017 brings you all the professional tools you need to design your home and garden. All the tools you need to design your project like a pro! - Design, equip and decorate your dream home with the greatest of ease - Enjoy exceptional rendering thanks to the new generation 3D engine - Easy access to project setup, recent projects, sample plans, and advanced cost estimation tool Graphic editor for your windows, doors, ceilings, trims and mantels - Edit your dream swimming pool - Save virtual tours of your house and share with your friends, just like a video - NEW! Material Editor - NEW! Double doors and mounting options - NEW! 3D Cutaway Tool - NEW! Window Shutters - NEW! 2D Plant Symbol and custom sizes Design & Create: * Easy access to project setup, recent projects, sample plans and training materials * Create your house in 3D, from the basement to the loft space: kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. * Furnish your rooms using a 3D furniture library containing more than 3,500 objects * Design your garden and the topography of your land * Insert your own images for more realistic rendering * You can now extend your project over 12 floors * Global Sun Positioning tool: use it to place your windows, terrace, bow window... * Customise your garden with a patio, an outdoor kitchen or personalised hedges * Graphic editor for windows, doors, ceilings, trims and mantels * Helpful Security system and Fireplace wizard * Design your dream swimming pool! Tour & view * View the bare bones structure and technical plans of the house: framing, beams, plumbing, heating, ventilation and electricity * Walk through each room of your new home * Generate plans to create a 3D paper model * See your project simultaneously on 2D and 3D views * Save virtual tours of your house and share with friends Management & Advice * Advanced estimation tool: automatically calculates the cost of your project * Tutorial video and advice to help you create your project * Pre-drawn plans What's New in Architect 3D Platinum 2017: NEW! Material Editor - Easily edit materials to customize your designs - Edit RGB values, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, and Gamma Correction NEW! Sketchup Import - Compatible with new Sketchup formats and it's easier to edit objects within the program. NEW! Shutter Tool - Easily add shutters that automatically size to your windows. NEW! Improved Symbols - Create your own custom drawn 2D plant symbols or customize existing ones - Use the new Auto-Symbol Generator to create more accurate 2D symbols for furniture and 3D components NEW! Customizable Plant Sizes - Set the exact plant size needed for your design NEW! 3D Cutaway Tool - Cut form any angle, vertically or horizontally, at a specific elevation. System Requirements: - Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10 - 1 GHz Pentium Processor or equivalent - 512MB RAM - 5.5GB free hard disk space - 3D Video card (1024*768 min 32-bit) Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  17. Waves Complete V9.92 All Plugins Bundle (Mac OS X) RELEASE INFO: DOWNLOAD LINKS: For other news, visit my profile every day!
  18. Soundtrack Loops Analog House | MULTiFORMAT 180115 Soundtrack Loops Analog House | MULTiFORMAT | 761 MB 'Analog House' is an ever-evolving set of sounds and MIDI files for producing the analogue synth-driven electro side of House music. The future-retro sound of 'Analog House' was inspired by the great masters who wade deep from Chicago to Berlin. The revolutionary concept behind & Analog House was to create a sample pack with nothing but two Moog synthesizers as a source for the whole collection, including drums. The actual Moogs used? Current headliner, Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue, and Minimoog Model D (vintage deluxe) light it all up. Soundtrack Loops focus was to provide 32+ lengthy bar loops with slow evolving tweaks on parameters such as filter, resonance, ADSR, and transposing LFOs by octaves. Each of the loops in the Voyager set is accompanied by monophonic MIDI companions. NOTE: Model D kits are too cool for school (and MIDI files) but they're head of the class with samples and loops. There are playable basses and drum kits in Kontakt format as well as drum kits in Battery and Maschine format. Kontakt instruments were created by sampling the two Moogs. WAV versions include a bonus Cubase project and ACID Pro project to get you started. All WAVs are fully ACIDized by the co-producer of this pack, Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle, founder of Peace Love Productions). Jason got his start in the loop biz back in 1998 when he worked at Sonic Foundry formatting their loops for ACID product line. The other half of this sample pack was composed and recorded in Flower Power Recording Lab (West Hollywood, CA) by Angelo Metz. As standard practice for all loops created by the Soundtrack Loops team, Key and BPM are tagged in both metadata and file names. Details: 245 Moog Loops 165 Moog One-Shots 39 MIDI Files 3 Native Instruments Maschine Moog Drum Kits 11 Moog Bass Kontakt Instruments and 2 Drum Kontakt Instruments 1 Moog Native Instrument Battery Kit (contains 55 sounds) 1 Sony ACID Project (Wav format only) 1 Cubase Project (WAV format only) 24-Bit/44.1 kHz Stereo Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  19. Waves Complete 2018.01.14

    Waves Complete 2018.01.14 | File Size: 4 GB Information:
  20. Udemy - The Complete Web Development Course - Learn By Building Apps English | .MP4 | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 15.00 fps(r) | aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | 4.86 GB Genre: E-learning This is the ultimate course for all web developers who want to learn web programming while building practical projects along with the instructor. This course will help both beginners and experts alike. This course will primarily teach project building using MySQL and PHP but it covers Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, web frameworks, Wordpress and various other popular technologies in great detail. This course can be done sequentially or you can pick and select the project and start working on them directly. These projects are all independent of each other. Besides the royalty free code can be used for any of your personal projects.
  21. XnView 2.35 Complete DC 15.01.2016 + Portable 180115 XnView 2.35 Complete DC 15.01.2016 + Portable | 71 Mb XnView, a software to view and convert graphic files, really simple to use. Support of more than 400 graphics formats. XnView exists for Windows, MacOS X, Linux x86, Linux ppc, FreeBSD x86, OpenBSD x86, NetBSD x86, Solaris sparc, Solaris x86, Irix mips, HP-UX, AIX. The most important features are: Import about 400 graphic file formats and Export about 50 graphic file formats. It has the features : Import about 400 graphic file formats Export about 50 graphic file formats Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO support Image IPTC, EXIF metadata support EXIF auto rotation support IPTC editing Resize, rotate, crop support Lossless rotate & crop (jpeg) support Adjust brightness, contrast... Auto levels, contrast Modify number of colors Apply filters (blur, average, emboss, ...) Apply effects (lens, wave, ...) Fullscreen mode Slide show with effects Batch convert, batch rename Create WEB page easily Screen capture Create contact Sheet Create or edit Multi-page file (TIFF, DCX, LDF) TWAIN & WIA support (Windows only) Print support (Windows only) Drag & Drop support (Windows only) Compare image side by side Filmstrip layout 44 languages support (Windows only) And many many other things... No Adware, No Spyware Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  22. Franzis PROJECTS 4 Complete Edition 180115 Franzis PROJECTS 4 Complete Edition | 2.3 GB PROJECTS 4 Complete Edition - Your ultimate photo-editing Suite. Amazing tools for your perfect workflow! Our tools work as plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and as a standalone application. HDR projects 4 professional The latest stage of the HDR technology This is magic. Start with complete light information. Once you have seen HDR images, normal images will just seem boring. HDR projects 4 enables you to generate very precise lighting situations that are not possible with "normal" photography or photo editing. The newest process for super realistic images with unbeatable contrast and detail that you have never seen before! All HDR projects 4 Highlights at a glance: NEW! Real Lightroom Plugin for maximum comfort Your advantage: Perfect integration in your personal workflow NEW! 7 New Effects: Noise removal - color clouds, Noise removal - banding, exposure curve, rim light distribution, white and black correction, color gradients, aura NEW! Algorithm Browser: Makes the HDR-Algorithm visible and assessable Your advantage: No more guesswork - you'll see how changes effect your photo immediately! NEW! History-Browser: HDR projects never forgets, no work will be lost.No step in your workflow will be lost! NEW! Expansion of the RAW-Module for white & black correction and additional noise removal methods NEW! Selective Editing for Every Post-processing Effect Each area of your photo can be edited with the effect that is best fitting! NEW! Sensitive Selecting for 7 Effects with intelligent brushes and automatic edge recognition: Dodge, Burn, Saturation, Desaturation, Increase Detail, Decrease Detail, Sharpen New! Fast-Optimization-Assistant: Set the image look with just one click Your Advantage: The name says it all: Fast Optimization! New! Up to 10 Times Faster: shorter waiting times while editing, even with large image series. Time is money, not only for professional photographers New! Photo Cropping Your Advantage: All photo editing steps in one program DENOISE projects professional DENOISE projects professional expands your scope as a photographer, enabling you to create fascinating twilight, wildlife, event, underwater and astro images as well as available light shots. DENOISE projects is currently the only available software that removes all seven forms of image noise: luminance noise, colour noise, banding, colour clouds, hot pixels, salt & pepper as well as holes. The completely newly developed Smart Pattern Matching noise technology perfectly removes noise from your images while still keeping the colours, sharpness and finest details. DENOISE projects professional Top Highlights New: Smart Pattern Matching Technology for brilliant and noise free images in unique quality Applicable for up to 12,800 ISO and higher! Optimized denoising of RAW and JPEG images Scratch and sensor error corrector 43 Expert filters: sharpen ultra HD, restore details, HD denoising 1:1 Magnified view to compare image quality and for complete control Stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OS Includes Adobe Photoshop plug-in and interface for Adobe Lightroom Batch processing with fully automatically optimized denoising Complete RAW converter including distortion correction COLOR projects 4 Dull colours, matt shadows, cloudy sky, afternoon sun - the perfect light is hard to come by. Forget everything you have heard about photo editing to date, COLOR projects 4 is your magic wand for your photos. Enjoy photography and create fabulous pictures. fore! All COLOR projects 4 Highlights at a glance: New: Selective photo editing with intelligent, sensitive outline recognition New: Quick optimisation assistant - desired effect with one click New: Full-fledged, free Lightroom plug-in included 2016 State of the art photo editing 134 Handcrafted, fine-tuned presets for fantastic looks Intelligent optimisation from "Natural" to "Highkey" 127 Expert filters BLACK & WHITE projects 4 BLACK & WHITE projects 4 is the perfect tool to enable all photographers with a special affinity for black & white photos to make their creative mark. The brand new spectral sensitivity engine allows you to grasp the grey value for every converted colour and customise it to any tone value. The 115 handcrafted presets offer you a plethora of options from your images' hidden information. Give your picture a 100% analogue finish with high-res film emulations adapted from classics like Ilford, Kodak, Rollei and Fuji. All BLACK&WHITE projects 4 Highlights at a glance: New: Sensitive selective photo editing with intelligent outline recognition New: New algorithms for perfect colour filter emulations New: Full-fledged Lightroom Plug-in included BLACK & WHITE development studio for professional monochrome with 115 presets Powerful denoise and sharpen engines Shade and selective drawing tools Brighten and enhance details FOCUS projects 3 professional With FOCUS projects 3 professional, you can use an exposure series to create an image with fantastic depth and where even the smallest object is in crisp focus from front-to-back. The smaller the object being photographed and the lesser the distance, the narrower the area of focus is. Particularly with full-frame cameras, this field of focus can amount to less than a millimetre. The solution: FOCUS projects 3 professional! All FOCUS projects professional Highlights at a glance: New: Stacking engine with internal 64-bit processing Your advantage: Perfect integration in your personal workflow New: Stacks up to 500 focal planes New: Additional presets for the fastest results in exceptional quality New: Extra expert filter set New: RAW development module New: SCA processing for the finest colour details New: Hue module New: Scratch and sensor error correction New: Automatic brilliance optimizations New: Selective image retouching ANALOG projects 3 Get the hippest styles, like Instamatic, with ANALOG projects 3. The unique tools in ANALOG projects 3 allow you to play with light sources, hues, grain, vignetting, textures, blur and lens flare effects and create professionally styled images like a photo editing pro! ANALOG projects 3 gives you full control over every effect, which you can apply as a stylistic device to create your very own trendy look. All ANALOG projects 3 Highlights at a glance: Professional SCA processing for the finest colour details Scratch and sensor glitch corrector Hue module Brand new presets calibrated by photographers Handcrafted analog film styles New exceptional quality pro effects Selective image optimization Powerful engine for fastest calculations Add-on system Sharpen projects professional #1 Does this sound familiar? You took a great portrait photo, but it's just missing the wow factor! This is because the eyes need to be clear, but the skin needs to appear soft. With SHARPEN projects professional that is no longer a problem. The sensitive-selective edge recognition allows you to make a pixel-exact selection which makes it possible to sharpen defined areas individually. SHARPEN projects professional Top Highlights: "Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution": The innovative blur correction with up to 100 pixel detection range Sensitive-selective edge recognition for exact sharpening without masks "Adaptive Gradient Sharpening" - for the perfect sharpness of landscapes, still-life, macro photos &more... Selectively sharpen portraits Scratch & sensor error correction RAW-Module with applicable camera profiles Supports all current RAW formats Graphic history browser with an undo function For use as a stand-alone product and as a plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom Sport photography: Correct motion blur System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Language: English, German, French Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  23. WinToHDD 1.0b Portable 180115

    WinToHDD 1.0b Portable 180115 WinToHDD 1.0b Portable | 8.61 mb WinToHDD is a handy and useful Windows software that allows you to install or reinstall Windows without using a CD/DVD or USB drive. With this All-in-One Windows Setup software, you can easily reinstall Windows, install Windows onto disks other than the one where your Windows operating system is installed, or clone current Windows OS installation (Windows vista or later) to other disk. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  24. The Complete SEO Course 180115 The Complete SEO Course MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 30M | Lec: 14 | 208 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English A Beginner's Guide To Ranking On Page #1 Of Google Hello, and welcome to The Complete SEO Course. If you're previewing this course, it's likely you're looking for an easier way to get found online, right? Believe me, understanding all you need to do to get found online can be super frustrating. Because I was once like you, I created this course to help you navigate your way to ranking higher. This course is best for the beginner SEO user using Wordpress. SEO is a fundamental marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses because you can generate a large amount of traffic FOR FREE to your website. But you should be careful! Google is constantly updating their algorithm and many techniques that worked before Google's Penguin updates will hurt your business if you use them now. This is why my course is packed with the best safe and up-to-date strategies and techniques that will dramatically boost your free traffic without hurting your business. If you're wanting to know how to improve your on-page SEO, rank higher in Google, and increase your online presence, this course will help. It's important to understand that there are over 200 metrics that Google uses to rank websites. The most fundamental elements are taught in this course. Also, you must understand that ranking can take time and patience. There is no "magic bullet" when it comes to SEO, but with this course, you'll be well on your way to ranking higher in Google! Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  25. True Blood Seasons (1-7) Complete 1080p WEB-DL HEVC H265-D3G | Size 98.9 GB Genre : Drama | Fantasy Video : 1920x1080 | 23.976 fps Audio : English | AC-3 | 448 Kbps | 6 Channels Total Episodes : 80 IMDb : Screen Shots Buy Premium From Links To Get Maximum Speed , Ability To Complement The Download And No Waiting Season 1 : 12 Episodes --------------- OR Season 2 : 12 Episodes --------------- OR Season 3 : 12 Episodes --------------- OR Season 4 : 12 Episodes --------------- OR Season 5 : 12 Episodes --------------- OR Season 6 : 10 Episodes --------------- OR Season 7 : 10 Episodes --------------- OR