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Found 482 results

  1. Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2 MP04 Update 180115 Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2 MP04 Update | 1.6 Gb Siemens PLM Software has released an update to NX 11.0.2, its an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX 11.0.2 is a major release with significant new functionality in all areas of the product, and we believe that the new and enhanced functions will help you become more productive. 7867683 Cannot set Zone Shape to Angular on Frame of circular pattern of slots 7882234 CATIA v5 translator loses the name of some objects 7942351 Associativity manager results are different with customer defaults setting. 7992672 Cannot select plane in a Plane/Plane/Plane Alignment Wizard 7993151 [NX]0059_Parallel dimension icon is not displayed on short cut tool bar 7993155 [NX]0060_Sketch line cannot be selected after we used Part Module function 8008174 Saving FEM-CAE model items and SIM-CAE Analysis items need long time 8349558 UF_UI_update_listing_window in loop hogs memory and freezes NX UI finally 8350560 Featuregroup color not working for objects inside UFDs 8531305 Error when modifying an existing pattern feature 8533866 Error while editing pattern parameter 8537511 Cannot edit sketched features copied to 3D 8539899 Reference only comp not shown as ref-only after revise in TC with MultiRev on 8539970 Internal error occurs in Spline Path selecting port item. 8800835 Creating a linear path raises a license error. 8818291 TC_NX_nonps_occurence gets created during cloning 8829056 Problem with license Routing Mechanical 8834417 Cross hatch will not follow. 8852596 Formboard creation takes excessive time in NX 10 / NX 11 8862841 Internal error occurred when select origin of CSYS in (Center Mark) command. 8866610 interpolate vector tool axis points not placed on drive surface 8867477 Error occurred when bringing the cursor close to My Saved Searches in NX. 8889443 Picking point for a Variable Contour Interpolate Vector returns point off face 8892718 Attribute not Updated when Create a Part Family Member 8901507 It takes long time to create the sub-operation with Scan Arc in Inspection Path. 8915137 Command Finder does not show the correct results except for Advanced Simulation 8919429 SOL 601 failed due to Problem of mesh creation function 8925911 Installing Standard Parts to TC 8931107 Analysis mode settings 8943697 Hole Milling and Hole Chamfer Milling copy operation drop Use Predefined Depth 8944977 It takes a lot of time to deselect the face selected with Tangent Faces 8948036 [NX]0112_ConvergentBody 8950368 Get Memory access violation opening part read only part with wave relations 8952807 Fully loading an assembly raises A Deleted or invalid class id was used 8954780 NX CMM Simulation Collision Checking creates a Faceted Body when opened 8956255 Replacement Assistant not working as expected 8965588 Counter sink operation does not see the counter sink, wrong location 8967958 WEDM : Wire does not follow the U/V on some Surface being to Machine 8968191 Problem with license Routing Base 8968974 Failed to save Cut Elbow if Multiple Revisions is turned on in Customer Defaults 8974546 Boundary Plane lost when importing part with Cam 8976935 Specify Location of PMI Balloon Note does not work for different layers 8977148 Memory access violation from placing routing HVAC PTS stock. 8977820 Delete Body not working how it should 8979153 mom_pos is incorrect 8980224 Synch Links wrongly maps edge 8982254 Need PK_BODY_share_geom called after the second stage imprint 8983499 No machine tool kinematics was found in the part files error in NX 11.0.2 .7 8985614 Point Measurement feature giving Error: A deleted of invalid class id was used 8987235 DXF/DWG-Export in NXManager creates wrong dialog memory for native 8988487 Channel information set in template does not come through MOM processor correctly 8989736 part family- PF Member creation (Expressions /Attributes) 8991479 Variable Radius Edge blend Loses Value During Morph in NX 11.0.2. 8991891 Part Rev of part created by cut elbow matches rev of catalog part 8992627 NX CAM crash of VNCK and NX after NC Reset 8994355 License Error - Design Rule Error in NX 11 with NX-Routing/Base 8994940 "Predefined_Depth_..." attributes are only available for DRILLING and TAPPING 8999830 Fastener assembly creates comp patterns NX 11, need .NX 8.5 individual constraints 9001835 Severe error when placing an empty cut sheet annotation. 9002419 Hole Making operations missing clearance plane code when posted in NX 9002930 Mismatched unit-of-measure found when using the NXMGR Refile Utility 9005428 TAG-Error after Feature Force Update in NX 10.0 MP18 and MP19 9005617 NX Crash after Create many Geometry Link Curves 9005749 NX Cam : Interpolate Vector outside of the Part in Contour Surface Area 9006267 Attribute value function does not sets the part attribute value automatically. 9006993 UGTO2D-Export of Exact-Views does not create group structure as wanted 9008854 UGTO2D-Export of Exact-Views does not create group structure as wanted 9010128 Assign Feature Color to an UDF does not work correctly anymore 9012515 NX 12 - FBM Memory Access Violation Updating Wave Link 9013800 Spline Path - Routing Application Error Core 949882 9020487 DXF export Invalid file name error About Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2. NX 11.0.2 is a major release with significant new functionality in all areas of the product, and we believe that the new and enhanced functions will help you become more productive. Siemens PLM Software has a clear and consistent strategy: to provide Digital Product Development and Manufacturing solutions that help you transform your whole product development process. This release delivers enhancements that enable you to increase your levels of productivity in product development and manufacturing while working within a collaborative managed environment. With the NX 11.0.2 release, we continue to look for innovative ways to deliver solutions that meet your product development and manufacturing challenges. We are confident that our accomplishment of these objectives will enable you to extract the highest value from our solutions. About Siemens PLM Software. Siemens PLM Software is a world-leading provider of product lifecycle management and manufacturing operations management software. We help thousands of companies realize innovation by optimizing their processes, from planning and development through manufacturing, production and support. Product: Siemens PLM Version: NX 11.0.2 MP04 Update Supported Architectures: x64 Website Home Page : Language: multilanguage System Requirements: PC / Linux Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 and above / Linux* Software Prerequisites: Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2 Size: 1.6 Gb * Linux 64bit: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop 12, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server/Desktop 7 Kernel: kernel3.10.0-123eI7.x86_64 X Windows: libX11-devel-1.6.0-2.1 Motif: motif-devel-2.3.4-7 Open GL: mesa-libGL-devel-9.2.5-5.20131218, mesa-libGLU-devel-9.0.0-4 C++ Compiler gcc 4.8.2 Java Development version 1.8.0 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  2. Electrical calculations v6.3.5 [Pro] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: The best electrical calculations always at hand for any electrician! Features: Wire size Calculation of voltage drop Calculation of current Calculation of voltage Calculation of active power Calculation of apparent power [PRO] Calculation of reactive power [PRO] Calculation of resistance Motor from three-phase to single-phase Capacitor start motor single-phase [PRO] Calculation rpm motor [PRO] Motor efficiency [PRO] Maximum torque [PRO] Diagram three-phase motor (6 leads) Diagram three-phase motor (9 leads) [PRO] Diagram three-phase motor (12 leads) [PRO] Code resistors 4 colors Code resistors 5-6 colors [PRO] Color code inductor [PRO] Colors resistor from value SMD resistor code [PRO] Fuses [PRO] Sum resistors Sum capacitors [PRO] Conversion Δ-Y [PRO] Conversion HP/KW Table AWG/mm² Conversion of section Conversion cm/inch Conversion length [PRO] Conversion voltage (Amplitude) [PRO] Conversion sin/cos/tg/φ [PRO] Conversion energy [PRO] Conversion temperature [PRO] Conversion pressure [PRO] Conversion Ah / kWh [PRO] Conversion Gauss / Tesla [PRO] Conversion RPM - rad/s - m/s [PRO] Reactance [PRO] Impedance [PRO] Resonant frequency [PRO] Voltage divider [PRO] Zener diode as voltage stabiliser [PRO] Resistance to reduce voltage Resistance for led Power factor correction [PRO] Power factor correction of small loads [PRO] Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV [PRO] Battery life [PRO] Primary/Secondary winding of transformer Short circuit current [PRO] Short circuit current with transformer substation [PRO] Current carrying capacity IEC [PRO] Current carrying capacity NEC [PRO] Conductor resistance [PRO] Table of cables reactance IEC [PRO] Table of cables reactance NEC [PRO] Table of resistivity [PRO] IP/IK/NEMA protection classes Antenna length [PRO] Electrical symbols Electricity around the world Joule Effect [PRO] Wiring color codes SI Prefix Unit of measurement Fault current of strings [PRO] Ethernet wiring (RJ-45) [PRO] Pinout Ethernet with PoE [PRO] RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO] Pinout Scart [PRO] Pinout USB [PRO] Pinout HDMI [PRO] Pinout VGA [PRO] Pinout DVI [PRO] Pinout RS-232 [PRO] Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394) [PRO] Pinout molex [PRO] Pinout Sata [PRO] Pinout Apple Lightning [PRO] Pinout Apple Dock Connector [PRO] Pinout PS/2 [PRO] Fiber optic color code [PRO] Pinout led [PRO] Pinout Raspberry PI [PRO] Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio) [PRO] Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX) [PRO] Formulary [PRO] Languages: - English (V.Ragona) - Italiano (E.Gallina) - Français (Y.Tschantz) - Español (M.Rodriguez) - Portuguese (BR) (J.Machacaz, M.Carvalho, P.Pepeleascov, A.Fraga) - Arabic (G.Al_dahab, A.Qaissia) - Polish (RaV, K.Szuba) - Deutsch (D.Maggi, C.Ruffino, na2xs2y, JoHa) - Greek (T.Pergantis) - Latvian (W.Dzerins) - Romanian (L.Voica, C.Duta, L.Petre) - Turkish (E.HARMANBASI, B.Aydogdu) - Russian (L.Tsvetinovich, V.Bolshakov, Djek.Energetik) - Dutch (I.Proshel, R.Wintersteijn) - Magyar (O.Csaba) - Croatian (P.Razovic) - Malay (N.Afdhal) - Persian (B.Eskandariun, A.Tahmasebi, B.Lashgari TJ., R.Taherizadeh) - Lithuanian (A.Kalasunas) - Simplified Chinese (X.Cao) - Serbian (Latin) (S.Fisic, V.Cvijovic, V.Lazarevic) - Portuguese (PT) (L.Sousa) - Czech (Skipy) - Vietnamese (N.Duy Trung) - Catalan (R.Vila, L.Martin Leona, antoine.nom36) - Norwegian (drzordz) - Bulgarian (I.Malinov) - Swedish (J.Olandersson) - Traditional Chinese (EricLee, J.Enrique Gutierrez) - Slovenian (S.Veternik) - Ukrainian (R.Korzh) - Hebrew (R.keller) PLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS! INSTEAD CONTACT ME WHAT'S NEW v6.3.5: * Fix: Crash "Sizing the circuit breaker NEC" in landscape mode * Fix: Crash "Translator Tool" with portuguese language * Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov) * Upd: Czech language (by Skipy) * Upd: Bulgarian language (by Ivan Radev) * Upd: Ukrainian language (by Andrey Kosenko) * Upd: German language (by Andreas) This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked | No Pro Key needed
  3. creativeLIVE: Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014 WEBRip | MKV | English | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~917 kbps | 30 fps AAC | 111 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 27:37:25 | 10.14 GB Genre: eLearning Video / Photographing Reach your full potential as a photographer! John Greengo covers everything you need to know to take better photos. You'll learn how to choose the gear that's best for you, and how to use it to its fullest potential. From shutter speeds to apertures to depth-of-field and much, much more, you'll build an understanding of the core concepts every successful photographer needs to know. You'll also learn about the streamlining and workflow management techniques that separate the amateur photographers from the pros. You'll explore ways to look at and think critically about your own images, so that you can analyze what's working and target areas for growth. Whether you've just purchased your first digital camera or are a seasoned photographer ready for a refresher course, this workshop will give you the skills and inspiration to take your work to new heights. John Greengo is an award-winning photographer specializing in outdoor and travel photography. Shooting for over 3 decades, John has developed an unrivaled understanding of the industry, tools, techniques and art of photography. When he's not traveling for a new shoot, John teaches photography to students from all over the world. John's unique blend of illustrations, animations and photographs make learning photography easy and fun.
  4. Knightfall S01E05 720p HDTV x265-YST Single Download Link Language(s): English Size: 280705695 bytes (267.70 MiB), duration: 00:42:09, avg.bitrate: 888 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo Video: x265, 1280x718, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama A look at the final days of Knights Templar during the 14th century.
  5. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer v8.71.6 [Premium] Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: 250 million people trust Truecaller every day to identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter. Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient. 250 million people trust Truecaller every day to identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter. Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient. Truecaller is a Powerful Dialer: - The world’s best Caller ID will identify any unknown caller - Block spam and telemarketing calls - See names of unknown numbers in the call history - Flash messaging - Share location, emoji & status in a flash to your friends - Know when your friends are free to talk Smart SMS app: - Automatically identify every unknown SMS - Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS - Block by name and number series Truecaller has full dual SIM support! Truecaller will not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. ----------------------- Got feedback? Write to [email protected] or go to _ WHAT'S NEW Bug fixes This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
  6. OS 11 iLauncher Phone 8 & Control Center OS 11 v2.3.1 [Pro] Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: Experience Apple Launcher with iLauncher iOS 11 style phone 8 vs 8 plus, Control Center iOS 11 !! ⊹ iLauncher iOS 11 is Launcher for Phone 8 & Plus is a stylish, smart & personalized application for your Android phone;faster, Easy to use, and even more beautiful, To give you an unprecedented experience. ⊹ Launcher - Launcher for iOS 11 is a very cool Quad HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones. The power and memory efficiency of this application makes it more cooler than other launcher application. This application consumes no battery and increase mobile idle time. HighLight function for iLauncher iOS 11, Control Center iOS 11: ✥ Include iOS 11 Launcher applications iOS 11 launcher inlcude iNoty iOS 11 , Lock Screen with notification OS11 and Control Panel 11 for FREE ✥ Smart Search - control panel Quick access, quick search to useful applications and control panel in home screen ✥ Notification Lock screen & Notification Center ios 11 Display notification information on lockscreen like iOS 11 ✥ Notification bar Phone 8 plus Swipe down to display notification bar ( inoty 11 ) like Phone 8 ✥ Easy to use Phone Launcher iOS 11, Control Center iOS 11 Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier ✥ Efficiently and intuitively manage your home screen iLauncher Free! Swipe up home screen to access the setting shortcuts to key features such as apps, widgets, wallpapers, icons, and system themes to customize your launcher easily. What's New Fix Bugs + Crash ● Pro features Unlocked ● AOSP Compatible This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions:
  7. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Multilingual 180105 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Multilingual | 56.1 MB Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one DVD Converter Software. You can convert DVD to video and convert video between popular video formats and burn video to DVD. Key Features - All-in-One DVD Video Converter - Universal DVD and Video Converter - Convert DRM protected files to common media files - Total playback freedom on almost all video/audio portable devices - Amazing Video to DVD Converter - Professional video download and transfer - Download videos from online video sharing websites - Transfer media files bwteen PC and portable devices - Amazing video/DVD editor - Crop, adjust video effect, and add watermark/subtitle with two real-time preview windows - Clip video file/DVD chapter - Merge multiple files - Customize DVD menu - Capture picture - Customizable output profile for your every need - Flexible output video/audio settings - Apply more than one profile to one file - Easy operation and free technical support - Easy-to-use OS : Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit & 64 bit) Language : Multilingual Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  8. Roots of Evil (1979) 720p BluRay x264-GUACAMOLE Single Download Link Size: 3520318845 bytes (3.28 GiB), duration: 01:26:12, avg.bitrate: 5445 kb/s Audio: dts, 48000 Hz, mono (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1200x720, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Action / Crime / Drama Screenshots: Download:
  9. John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 180102 John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 | 5.24 GB Language: English/Russian Description: The original directory on the selection of spare parts for machinery John Deere. The distribution of the latest base C & F. Open until 07/07/2015. Extras. Information: Please install PMPro_6.5.5, after install JDEC_F15011. Year / Date of Release: 2014 Version: 6.5.5 Developer: John Deere Language: English + Russian John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 160624 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  10. The Disaster Artist (2017) DVDSCR XviD AC3-CM8 | Size 1.41 GiB Genre : Biography, Comedy, Drama Video : XviD | 720x304 | 1676 kbps | 30.000 FPS Audio : English | AC-3 | 256 kbps | 2 channels Duration : 1 h 43 min Stars : James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor IMDb : Screen Shots Buy Premium From Links To Get Maximum Speed , Ability To Complement The Download And No Waiting Single Link OR
  11. NI AWR Design Environment 11.04 (Win) 171231 NI AWR Design Environment 11.04 (Win) | 1.0 Gb NI (formerly AWR Corporation) has presented the 11.04 release of NI AWR Design Environment high-frequency software, inclusive of Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator (VSS), Analyst and AXIEM for the design of MMICs, RF PCBs, RFICs, microwave modules, communication systems, radar systems, antennas and more. More than 100 improvements, enhancements and user interface changes are contained within this release. Highlights include: - New VSS RF block: DHYB_22 (ideal 2-input, 2-output, 180-degree coupler) - Schematic editor speed up for loading large element projects - New script to generate an MDIF file from S-parameter files - APLAC multi-rate harmonic balance simulation technology for linear circuits - Analyst support of dielectrics with relative permittivity/permeability > 0 but - Analyst meshing improvements - Numerous other use-model (ease-of-use and productivity enhancing) improvements About NI AWR Software The NI AWR Design Environment software portfolio includes RF/microwave electronic design automation (EDA) tools such as Visual System Simulator for system design, Microwave Office/Analog Office for microwave/RF circuit design, and AXIEM and Analyst for electromagnetic analysis. NI AWR software tools help design engineers to dramatically reduce development time and cost for components, circuits, systems and subsystems employed in wireless, high-speed wired, broadband, aerospace and defense, and electro-optical applications. About National Instruments Since 1976, NI has made it possible for engineers and scientists to solve the world's greatest engineering challenges with powerful, flexible technology solutions that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. Customers from a wide variety of industries-from healthcare to automotive and from consumer electronics to particle physics-use NI's integrated hardware and software platform to improve the world we live in. Name: NI AWR Design Environment Version: (64bit) 11.04r build 7062 Rev1 (92648) Home: Interface: english OS: Windows 7even / 8 Size: 1.0 Gb Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  12. Movavi Screen Capture Pro 9.0.0 Multilingual 171229 Movavi Screen Capture Pro 9.0.0 Multilingual | 49 MB Movavi Screen Capture Pro is the ideal way to show colleagues what's happening on your desktop through video and screenshots. Demonstrate bugs and errors in screenshots, add explanatory arrows and captions. Record important video calls and online job interviews to review later. Save time thanks to the simple interface, fast export, and easy share options. Use screen videos in your workflow - Create simple presentations and instructions for your colleagues: record the desktop, web browsing, or program activity - Capture online job interviews and video conversations with business partners - Record usability tests for review and discussion Communicate through screenshots - Demonstrate on-screen activities: capture the full screen, any part of the screen, or entire web pages and share them with your colleagues - Capture screenshots of bugs and errors; add arrows, captions, and frames to document the problem - Edit screenshots and add them to app or website tutorials - Illustrate reports with screen grabs of statistics, diagrams, or other important information Save and share your screen videos and stills - Choose from 20+ media formats for export - Save recordings instantly using SuperSpeed mode - Upload your video and screenshots to Google Drive directly from the program - Share captured clips on YouTube in a couple of clicks Choose frame rate Capture video at up to 60 fps or set a frame rate as low as 5 fps to reduce the final file size. Adjust capture area Move and resize the capture frame to record any part of your display; set an exact resolution if necessary. Record audio from any source Capture sound from system audio, headphones, microphones, or MIDI devices; adjust audio device volume. Record from webcam Add a simultaneous webcam overlay to your videos. Capture keyboard and mouse actions Display pressed keys and mouse movements, highlight the cursor, add mouse click sounds. Use hotkeys Control the capture process with customizable hotkeys. Tweak videos Trim and cut recordings, remove unwanted content. Edit screenshots Crop and resize screenshots, add arrows, frames, and captions. System Requirements: - Microsoft� Windows� XP*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed - Intel�, AMD�, or compatible processor, 1 GHz - 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color - 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista; 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 - 280 MB available hard disk space for installation, 2 GB for ongoing operations - Administrator permissions are required for installation Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  13. Bright (2017) 720p HDRip X264 AC3-EVO Language(s): English 01:57:46 | 1280x536 @ 2700 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | AC3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s | 2.5 GB Genre(s): Action, Crime, Fantasy Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for. Screenshot Download Single Link NitroFlare Rapidgator
  14. ActiveState Komodo IDE Portable 171226 ActiveState Komodo IDE Portable | 75.4 MB Komodo IDE is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, javascript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps. Award-winning features include comprehensive editing and debugging, plus intelligent tools for regular expressions, team development, customization and unparalleled extensibility. The result is a powerful coding environment for framework stacks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP and client libraries such as the Yahoo! UI Library and Dojo. So you're a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or javascript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState's Komodo IDE, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it's a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze. Multi-language editor Multi-language support Advanced support for: Browser-side technologies: CSS, HTML, javascript, and XML Server-side languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl Web template languages: RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty, and Django Autocomplete and calltips Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work CSS, HTML, javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, and XSLT. Schema-based XML/HTML completion Multiple-language file support, such as CSS and javascript completion in HTML Framework support for Rails and Zend Support for adding third-party libraries Interpreter version differentiation of built-in and standard library information Multi-language file support Operating System: Windows 10 Windows 8 (but not supported as a Metro application) Windows 7 Windows Server (2008 R2 or newer) Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  15. John Carter and Hubert Senters - 4-Day Chicago Professional Trader's Workshop DVDRip | 12 x AVI/XviD, ~900 kb/s | 720 x 480 | English: MP3, 192 kb/s (2 ch), 44.01 KHz | 8.51 GB Genre: trading | Language: English What is covered in this day trading seminar: Learn how to day trade Review John Carter's and Hubert Senters' intraday online trading setups Understand the use of Trading Gaps, Moving Averages, Pivots in online trading Work with the TTM Scalper buys and sells Indicator, Tick Fades, TTM Squeeze Indicator Plays, and Price Breaks Learn how to make the right decision at the right time in the trading marets Discuss trading methodologies, proprietary indicators, and market outlook Familiarize yourself with professional online trading strategies and methodologies to formulate a day trading plan Learn online trading principles, plus experience professionals trade Live You will cover the day trading hardware and day trading software, how to use them and ones that work best for you Learn basic market mechanics and Intraday Indicators Other highlights from this day trading seminar: Experience guest speaker Ben Lichtenstein, live commentator from the pit, who provides pit audio service to use in your daily trading setups Take a spectacular tour of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Don't miss the highlight tour of the CME exchanges Don't forget the most important element, Formulating a day trading plan Your day trading plan with guide you through the online trading process, and help eliminate detrimental emotional trading.
  16. The Disaster Artist 2017 HDCAM X264 HQMic-CPG Language : English 1.82 GB | 1 h 34 min | mkv | 2 496 kb/s | 720x384 | MPEG Audio, 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 256 kb/s Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama Provider: Lori.Yagami When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true. Screenshot:
  17. Graitec Archiwizard 2016 v4.2.0 Premium 171223 Graitec Archiwizard 2016 v4.2.0 Premium | 322 Mb ArchiWIZARD assesses, from the draft and interactively energy performance of a project to make good choices, economic and bioclimatic, directly from the digital model (BIM). ArchiWIZARD 2016 (4.2.0) Bug fixes Geometry analyzis : fix import of projects with no room detected in v4.1.0, coming from old plugins versions New features Integration of RT2012 engine v7.3.0.0 Integration of RSET 7300_v1.0 eCatalogues catalog of complete RT2012 equipment set for individual houses and collective residential buildings (GDF SUEZ, En??ides) DUALSUN : hybrid DHW and photovoltaic solar system DUCO : blades solar protection (DUCOSLIDE et DUCOSUN) MARITON : venitian blinds and retro reflexion products ECODIS : skylights for smoke ventilation, natural lighting and ventilation EVERLITE : polycarbonate systems (DANPALON, DANPATHERM, 3D-LITE) and polycarbonate systems with integrated blades for daylighting management (CONTROLITE) FOAMGLAS : cellular glass boards and panels for thermal insulation (T4+ and W+F systems for floors and walls) KNAUF : insulation solutions LENOUY : aluminium ShiChuang and doors HEXADOME : daylighting skylights, tubes and vaults METAL DEPLOYE : solar protection systems PROFILS SYSTEMES : aluminium profiles for ShiChuang SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS : GLASSOPTIM - glass configurator and library SCH??K : thermal bridges break technologies SEAC : floor systems for high performance insulation and sustainable building SIH : skylights for smoke ventilation, natural lighting and ventilation SNA SOLAR : photovoltaic systems, photovolta??c slates (MEGASLATE), and standard and integrated LED lighting glass-glass photovoltaic modules (GLASSWING) TECHNAL : ShiChuang and facades systems TERREAL : solar protection catalog (AUTAN, HARMATTAN, AUTAN XL, ZONDA XL, SHAMAL) VELUX : import Velux systems from Velux configurator WICONA : ShiChuang and facades systems Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  18. Altair HyperWorks FEKO 2017.0 171223 Altair HyperWorks FEKO 2017.0 | 980 MB Altair announced a new release of HyperWorks FEKO 2017, is a comprehensive 3D electromagnetic simulation software suite based on state of the art CEM methods that enable users to solve wide range of EM problems such as antenna design, antenna arrays, antenna placement, RFID, RCS, radomes, pattern synthesis with characteristic mode analysis, EMC/EMI, lightning and cable analysis, Bio-electromagnetics, etc. FEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, aerospace and defense industries. FEKO offers several frequency and time domain EM solvers under a single license. Hybridization of these methods enables the efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of EM problems, including antennas, microstrip circuits, RF components and biomedical systems, the placement of antennas on electrically large structures, the calculation of scattering as well as the investigation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). WinProp is a dedicated tool for wave propagation modeling and radio network planning. FEKO also offers tools that are tailored to solve more challenging EM interactions, including dedicated solvers for characteristic mode analysis (CMA) and bi-directional cables coupling. Special formulations are also included for efficient simulation of integrated windscreen antennas and antenna arrays. Combined with the MLFMM, and the true hybridization of the solvers, FEKO is considered the global market leader for antenna placement analysis. - Introduction to CADFEKO CADFEKO is the FEKO component that facilitates the creation of CAD geometry using canonical structures and perform boolean operations. It also supports the import and modification of CAD models and meshed geometries. The setting of material properties, solution parameters and the required calculations defined by the user, are all part of the CADFEKO model. If an optimisation search is required, the optimisation parameters and the goal functions can be specified. Altair HyperWorks FEKO 2017.0 - Introduction to POSTFEKO POSTFEKO is used mainly for two purposes: to validate meshed geometry and to analyse results. Validation of mesh geometry is done so that users can confirm that their models are correct before starting a simulation. This is particularly useful when models are created using EDITFEKO, but is just as relevant for CADFEKO modelling. Analysis of results is the other primary function of POSTFEKO. Once a model has been simulated, POSTFEKO can be used to display and review the results. A variety of tools are available to help visualise data in a constructive manner. Multiple models, with their geometry (in *.fek files) and results (in *.bof files), can be displayed in a single POSTFEKO project session. The displays are automatically updated each time the model and/or results are updated. Prominent features of FEKO 2017: (Changes since FEKO 14.430) - The finite difference time domain (FDTD) solver supports OpenMP and MPI parallelisation allowing users to take full advantage of machines with multiple cores and multiple computation nodes in cluster environments. - The ray launching geometrical optics (RL-GO) solver has been improved considerably in terms of speed and resource efficiency (memory reduction). Innovative algorithms select the most suitable ray distribution and automatically determine when enough ray interactions have been taken into account. - Improved multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) stabilisation allows large problems with intricate detail, that traditionally could have prevented the MLFMM to converge, to be solved. - 3D anisotropic materials can be modelled using the finite element method (FEM) and FDTD solvers. 3D anisotropic media make it possible to solve circulators and other interesting devices. - Extensions to the loft operator make the creation of transitions fast and easy. The new loft extensions also provide the user with more control over the loft surface creation. - A new mesh engine generates improved meshes that often consist of fewer mesh elements that directly relate to a reduction of resources and faster simulation. - Improvements to the windscreen visualisation allow users to see the layers and their relationship with regards to the active elements. This ensures correct model setup. - Graphs have been extended with options to add text and shapes that allow improved reporting from within the FEKO interface. Note: For the full list of changes, updates and resolved issues, please refer to the release notes located in the updates folder of your FEKO installation. About Altair Altair empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. Privately held, with 1,800 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 28-year track record for high-end software for engineering and computing, enterprise analytics solutions, and innovative product design and development, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to customers in a broad range of industries. Product: Altair HyperWorks FEKO 2017 Version: 2017.0 build 293043 Supported Architectures: x64 Website Home Page : Language: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even / 8.x / 10 Screenshots Screenshots Password: Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  19. Pottersville (2017) 1080p NF WEBRip DD5.1 x264-SB Language(s): English 01:25:00 | 1920x804 @ 6254 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | AC3, 44100 Hz, 5.1, 384 kb/s | 3.97 GB Genre(s): Comedy The plot centers on Maynard (Shannon), a beloved local businessman who is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot during an inebriated romp through town in a makeshift gorilla costume. The ... Screenshot Download Single Link NitroFlare Rapidgator
  20. Tamil_wife_mature_pussy_hard_fuck Size: 8530267 bytes (8.14 MiB), duration: 00:01:37, avg.bitrate: 704 kb/s Audio: aac, 22050 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 640x340, 25.00 fps(r) (eng) download link Tamil_wife_mature_pussy_hard_fuck.mp4 - 8.14 MB
  21. Autodesk Smoke 2015 SP3 Mac OSX 171221 Autodesk Smoke 2015 SP3 Mac OSX | 1.39 GB Powerful video effects software more accessible than ever Smoke video effects software brings editing and effects together like never before. With the effects tools you need integrated within a standard, easy-to-use timeline environment, Smoke helps you increase your productivity. 3D visual effects tools Create elaborate 3D effects with integrated node-based compositing tools. Video editing timeline Use Timeline FX within a familiar track-based video editing timeline. Video effects workflow Bring powerful effects tools into your pipeline. Subscription plans Get started with Smoke, and pay as you go with new Desktop Subscription plans. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  22. John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 171220 John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 | 5.24 GB Language: English/Russian Description: The original directory on the selection of spare parts for machinery John Deere. The distribution of the latest base C & F. Open until 07/07/2015. Extras. Information: Please install PMPro_6.5.5, after install JDEC_F15011. Year / Date of Release: 2014 Version: 6.5.5 Developer: John Deere Language: English + Russian John Deere Parts Manager Pro 6.5.5 160624 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  23. The Big Bang Theory S11E09 HDTV x264-SVA Single Download Link Language(s): English Size: 155689612 bytes (148.48 MiB), duration: 00:18:27, avg.bitrate: 1125 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x404, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Comedy, Romance A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.
  24. Detroit 2017 720p WEB-DL x264 AAC - Hon3y Single Download Link Size: 1284797171 bytes (1.20 GiB), duration: 02:23:02, avg.bitrate: 1198 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x692, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Crime / Drama / History / Thriller Plot: A police raid in Detroit in 1967 results in one of the largest RACE riots in United States history. The story is centred around the Algiers Motel incident, which occurred in Detroit, Michigan on July 25, 1967, during the racially charged 12th Street Riot. It involves the death of three black men and the brutal beatings of nine other people: seven black men and two white women. Screenshots: Download:
  25. Paddington 2 2017 TS XViD-26k File Size: 1.38 GB P2.2017.TS.XViD-26k.avi Size......: 1.38 GiB Duration..: 1 h 36 min Format....: AVI Video.....: MPEG-4 Visual | 720x272 | 2.647 | 30.000 fps | 1 909 kb/s Audio.....: MPEG Audio at 128 kb/s | 2Ch | 44.1 kHz LANGUAGE..: English Subtitles.: N/A Genre.....: Animation | Adventure iMDB URL..: PLOT: Paddington, now happily settled with the Brown family and a popular member of the local community, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy\'s 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen. ====================== ======================